MARCH 2017

This course prepares a Logi Info Developer to be productive working with Logi Info Studio and implementing standard Logi Design Patterns, including basic visual display of data, layout, and interaction within an application. 

The course covers Elemental Design, Info Studio Orientation, core Logi Design Patterns, Dashboards, the Analysis Grid, and Security basics. 

Participants will build a Logi Application that includes multiple visualization types integrated into a dashboard with user inputs, linking, drill down capabilities, self-service and security.

Logi Info Developer Fundamentals


  • Those who want a working knowledge of the Logi Info product and want to begin developing their own BI applications.
  • Those who want to work independently to become self-sufficient with Logi Info.


This course is offered in a number of formats:

  • 2 days when delivered live by an instructor.
  • 4 sessions when delivered virtually by an instructor.
  • Also available in a self-paced format.

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Intended Audience:

  • Info Developers
  • Info Administrators
  • Application Architects


  • Basic SQL skills
  • Experience with scripting languages (JavaScript) a plus
  • Familiarity with web technologies and paradigms
  • Familiarity with database objects and organization

Topics Day 1:

  • Logi Platform and Architecture Overview
  • Logi Info Studio Overview
  • Creating an Application
  • Master Report Templates
  • Basic Charts and Data Tables
  • Advanced Charts: Multi-Series Charts, Gauges, and In-Cell Graphics

Agenda Day 2:

  • Crosstabs
  • User Inputs and Report Filtering
  • Self-Service Reporting
  • Application Security
  • Project: Logi Application Build

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