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Powerful Developer-Grade Cybersecurity Data Analytics for Your Application

Transform critical, real-time data into actionable insights for end users
Knowledge is power. With a data-driven application, users are empowered with the right information to make important, timely decisions.
Logi Analytics delivers the most intuitive, secure, developer-grade solution for embedding analytics within the context of your application.
Cybersecurity companies like Brivo, CyberMaxx and NICE Actimize use Logi Analytics to:
  • Create market differentiation with real-time analytics
  • Increase application stickiness with self-service analytic capabilities
  • Accelerate time-to market innovation
See how Logi Analytics can accelerate your roadmap, reduce development costs, and increase focus on your core security innovations.

Get a look at capabilities such as seamless security, smart data connectors, and more.
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