Analytics platforms like Logi Info provide all the tools needed for dashboard design. Logi’s out-of-the-box capabilities include an updated library with hundreds of elements for data visualizations, dashboards, and reports; self-service analysis; interactivity options; user input controls; data source connectors; and processes.

Logi Analytics has successfully deployed analytics applications for more than 1,750 customers. Our dashboard design capabilities include:


Multi-Source Data Connections

Logi can connect to any data source, including relational databases, big data repositories, cloud applications, Web Services, and flat files such as spreadsheets. Insights from multiple databases and application sources can be displayed together by blending data into a single visualization, dashboard, or report. Unlike monolithic BI systems, there’s no need to build complex data models or ETL. Users who need additional access to create their own dashboards and reports can easily connect to data sources or query data sources provisioned for them by their technology team.


Interactive Visualizations

Logi provides interactive visualizations such as heat maps, gauges, and geographic maps; data tables with in-cell graphics; and grouped, cross-tab reports with drilldown and drill-through capabilities. Using algorithms based on industry best practices, our chart recommendation engine suggests the best visualizations to suit your data types.

Interactive Visualizations

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Users can interact with the data to focus on the specific metrics of interest and drill into related visualizations to explore deeper. Logi enables technology professionals to define these interactive experiences for end users. Customers also have the option to provide their users with self-service capabilities to independently analyze data, discover new insights, and create visualizations.


Scalable Distribution

Logi applications are available to any number of users, not restricted to data analysts or executives. In fact, many companies are embracing the concept of the extended enterprise, sharing insights with field operations, customers, and external partners in order to promote a common understanding of how to drive business forward.


Mobile Access

Because Logi produces industry-standard HTML5 output, apps are instantly available on Apple iOS, Google Android, and Windows mobile devices. Logi Info optimizes the use of mobile device screens through a responsive user interface and provides the touch interactivity today’s users expect. Logi Info applications can be embedded within native mobile apps, offering the same functionality and interactivity as browser-based content.

Logi Info offers many tools that make responsive layouts a no-brainer. These include theme editors, which provide look and design concepts to suit any style, including mobile; and canvas-based charts and responsive rows, which help ensure a responsive, cross-browser viewing experience.



With support for database write-backs and the ability to initiate backend processes from within the analytic content, Logi enables end users to update source systems in the same context as their analysis. Data can be updated in a secure and managed way throughout the Logi application.

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Real-Time Reporting

Logi accommodates real-time data feeds, which require different visualizations than historical data. For instance, if updated regularly without a way to identify context, traditional charts will only confuse users. Logi has the specialized design considerations to deliver visualizations that compare performance at multiple points in time.


What Now? Next Steps

» Ready to create your own dashboard? Download your trial of Logi Info and try it free with your own data.

» Already have a dashboard? Submit your dashboard to [email protected] for a complimentary critique and constructive feedback. Direct any specific questions on UI/UX to [email protected].


About Logi Analytics

Logi helps companies embed analytics into the fabric of their organization and products. With Logi, companies can create genius analytic applications that are purpose-built to users’ unique roles and skills, and delivered in the apps they already rely on – enabling anyone to analyze data when and where they need it.

More than 1,750 customers worldwide rely on Logi Analytics. The company is headquartered in McLean, Virginia, with offices in the UK and Europe. Logi Analytics is a privately held, venture-backed firm. For more information, visit

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