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How to Choose the Right Evaluation Method

Logi Analytics provides the following 4 evaluation methods for prospective clients to assess their business and technical needs to make the optimal solution and/or product choice.


Likely scenario: When you download a trial from the LogiAnalytics.com website

  • No guidance from a Solutions Engineer as no business criteria is identified. You will contact the Solutions Engineer as needed.
  • No Logi involvement in educating you on how to get started, best practices, etc.
  • You are most likely in the research stage and are not yet ready to make a buying decision.


Likely scenarioYou've downloaded the trial from the website and have some evaluation criteria already defined

  • Some guidance from a Solutions Engineer to assist with technical questions and/or issues. Regularly scheduled meetings are implemented between the Solutions Engineer and you.
  • Limited Logi involvement on how to get started, best practices, etc.
  • You are early in the decision making process and need more information.


Likely scenarioYou have a clear idea of what you want to build (specific types of reports, web portal, etc.)

  • A Solutions Engineer builds a demo to show the feasibility of our products to achieve the functionality you're looking for.
  • Major Logi involvement in a specific solution and/or service and need more technical guidance from a Solutions Engineer.


Likely scenarioYou've identified a need for a solution and/or product and have some evaluation crietia already defined (i.e. charts with drill-downs, KPIs, etc.)

  • A Solutions Engineer will work with you to outline specific criteria regarding needs, goals, owners, schedule, and high level implementation plan.
  • Major Logi involvement on how to get started, best practices, etc.
  • You're interested in a solution and/or service, have an idea of what you want to accomplish, and have the funds to move forward.


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