MAY 2017

Logi Analytics' customers are building some amazing applications—and every approach is different. Do you have questions about enhancing performance, scaling to meet new user needs, or best practices for building a successful application? 

With the Logi Application Health Check, an experienced Logi solutions architect works with you to review the full stack of your implementation and identify where and how improvements can be made. We provide an analysis and detailed recommendations to support your requirements for scaling, support, and future enhancements. 

How does the Health Check work?

1. We start with a discovery session to review any known problem areas and your technical needs.

2. Next, an architect conducts a detailed review of your application design, data architecture, and infrastructure.

3. Finally, Logi experts review their findings and present you with a prescription for fixing any problems and setting up your implementation for long-term success.

Logi Application Health Check


  • Diagnosing performance issues
  • Determining how to scale easily and successfully
  • Fixing workflow and usability issues
  • Learning the best-practice approach to common Logi application designs


  • Delivery Timeframe: 1 week
    • Discovery Session: 1-2 days on site
    • Diagnosis & Recommendations: 3-4 days off site
    • Solution Review: Presented at the end of the week
  • Travel and expenses are included
  • Final deliverables include recommended solutions, step-by-step instructions on how to apply each solution, and detailed documentation and mockups

What Areas Are Covered?

Current State: 

  • Implementation scope
  • Key capabilities
  • Known problem areas

Key Requirements:

  • Performance
  • Scalability
  • Security
  • Future plans


  • Data sources and architecture 
  • Logi application design 
  • System architecture 
  • Best practices discussions

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