Data Blending

Gaining actionable insight from data is becoming increasingly difficult because of the proliferation of data sources and types. Logi Info can blend data from your files, relational, columnar, Hadoop and NoSQL data sources into one data source. Now, you can see your data combined together for more insightful decisions.

Flexible Connectivity

Logi Info continually expands its big data connection access so businesses can create analytics, data visualizations, interactive dashboards and reports. Now you can quickly and easily view, understand and act upon critical information from all of your data sources.

New Strategic Partnerships

Logi Analytics has strategic partnerships with the industry’s Big Data technology leaders for analytical and Hadoop data stores: HP Vertica, Amazon Redshift, ParStream, Hortonworks, and Cloudera. Now you can use your technology partner of choice for big data analytics.

Real-Time Insights

Logi Info’s Direct Connect technology uses the power and performance of the underlying Big Data repositories to access data in real-time for actionable insights. Now companies can get their Big Data insights without additional data engineering or architecting.

Logi Info for Big Data

The big data environment continues to grow more complex as the volume, variety and velocity of data increases. New technologies have emerged improving how data is stored, managed and retrieved. The challenge for organizations is to know how to appropriately use these new data repositories to improve business performance by analyzing data in as close to real time as possible.



Primary Use


Relational databases

Managing business applications involving structured data

Oracle, IBM DB2, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Composite

Analytic databases (columnar, MPP,


High performance queries and analytics

Vertica, ParAccel, ParStream, Infobright, Vectorwise, Sybase IQ, Kognitio, Terradata, Netezza

NoSQL databases

Fast read/write using collections of name-value pairs for storing any type of data

Mongo DB, Hbase, Cassandra, Orient DB


Ability to process large data sets across a distributed computing environment

Cloudera, Hortonworks, Apache HDFS

Web Applications

Access to data generated from web applications, Google Analytics, Twitter

Cloud Data

Elastic scale; outsourced database utility and administration services

Amazon Web Services Redshift,  RDS, S3

Personal Data

Individual productivity

MS Excel, CSV, Fixed File Format


Well defined bounded exploration especially popular for financial applications

Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services


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