Logi Studio is a tool designed to let developers create Logi applications as easily and efficiently as possible. The definition files that form the “source code” of a Logi application are simple text files and can be edited with any text editor; however, Logi Studio makes the development and testing process typical of programming much easier. All of the files that make up an application, including definitions, images, style sheets, scripts, XML data, and HTML pages, can be managed within Studio. Studio includes a number of wizards and other tools that automate many standard development tasks, incorporates a set of “rules” that prevents you from combining incompatible objects, and provides Intellisense-like features that provide code completion options to speed development. It’s element-based technique of adding and arranging objects in a hierarchical tree eliminates tedious coding.


Logi Studio is our primary development tool. This integrated development environment is the recommended tool for use by developers in creating their Logi applications.

  1. The Application panel groups all of the files that make up a Logi application in one file management tree.
  2. The Workspace panel is for file editing. Dierent editors are displayed depending on the file type being edited (report definition, style sheet, SML data, etc.) Report definitions (shown) display the elements that make up a report, in a hierarchical Element Tree.
  3. The Attributes panel is where developers enter element attribute values.
  4. The Test Parameters panel allows you to insert values for parameters that are normally passed to the page.
  5. When an element is selected in the Element Tree in the Workspace panel, the Element Toolbox panel provides a list of context appropriate wizards and child elements that can be added to the Element Tree.
  6. The Information panel includes quick help text with links to more information on DevNet.


50+ to create applications and visualizations

Multiple-Document Editor

Works with dierent file types including report definitions, style sheets, script fles, and XML data files

Global Search & Replace

Find and replace feature supports current document and cross-document searching using a variety of criteria

Attribute Spy

Displays element values directly in the element tree definition for faster development

Tree-Based Element Selection

Child elements can be selected and added to the element tree either from the Element Toolbox panel or by right-clicking a parent element and selecting from the popup menu that appears

Theme Editor

An embeddable theme editor with preview that allows developers to customize their themes by changing colors, text, buttons, and other aspects of Logi pages

IQuery Tools 

The SQL Query Builder is a separate dialog box that allows queries to be created from graphic table representations, using drag-and-drop techniques. SQL statements can be extended across multiple lines, allowing more complex statements

Database Browser

This handy utility launches from the toolbar and allows browsing of the structure and data in connected databases

Style Class Selector

This utility appears as a dialog box and displays available classes and previews their eects as each is selected. Classes can also be edited right in place in the dialog box

Deployment Tool

Allows you to easily deploy Logi applications by copying their files to local or shared network drives, or using one of three flavors of FTP (regular, SSL, or SSH)

Intelligent Code & Token Completion 

Dynamic selection lists for token types and appropriate identifiers in drop-down lists for accurate development

Attribute Value Selection Lists

Select from drop-down lists for attributes with discrete sets of value options, such as True/False, Percent/Pixels, etc.

Test Parameters Panel

Parameters used in previews and tests remain accessible for easy use

Element Copy/Paste & Drag/Drop

Multiple elements can be selected at once in the element tree and copied, moved, or deleted

Attribute Display Order

Element attributes can be viewed listed either in functional groups or sorted alphabetically

Team Development

Supports a team development environment in which multiple developers work on the same Logi application and can roll back to earlier versions

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