Create, deploy, and maintain analytic applications that engage users and drive revenue. See a Logi demo

Scalable & Flexible

deployment for widespread adoption.

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In the next 7 years, 90% of business users will interact with analytics at least once a day—but only 15% will realize it.

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OS Agnostic

Have a mixed deployment model? No problem. Logi supports Linux or Windows Operating Systems and can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud.

Light Footprint

Scale analytics without expensive, proprietary hardware that takes forever to set up and requires ongoing maintenance. Logi integrates with your preferred technology stack and deploys inside your existing application server.


High-Performance Data Store

Logi DataHub is an optional data repository. DataHub connects to multiple sources, caches data for high performance, and prepares data in intuitive ways—so you can deliver efficient reporting and analysis without impacting your transactional systems and application data sources.

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Logi offers solutions for companies of all sizes and growth plans.

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