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No need for a data do-over

Our products leverage your infrastructure and work with your data in real time wherever it lives.

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“We were able to easily incorporate the rich toolset of Logi into our existing processes.”

Logi User Review, G2 Crowd

Data In Place

No need for redundant data investments or dedicated repositories. Logi works with your data as is.

  • Connects to relational databases, big data, web services, cloud apps, and proprietary data sources
  • Powers real-time analysis and database write-back
  • No proprietary layers to tie you down

Flexible Security

Other analytics providers force you to replicate your security. Logi uses your existing framework, minimizing development efforts and maintenance.

Deploy How You Want

Have a mixed deployment model? No problem.

  • Logi supports Linux or Windows OS
  • Deploys on premises or in the cloud
  • No proprietary software or servers needed
  • Removes the need to redesign or retrofit your environment to support analytics

Designed to Scale

Logi scales horizontally or vertically on commodity server infrastructure, removing the burden of managing and maintaining proprietary hardware.


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