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at the core of your application.

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“The best BI is invisible.”

Wayne Eckerson

The Best Security Available

No need to redo or replicate your security model. Logi integrates with your existing security framework and supports multi-tenancy so you can maintain everything in one place. Meet high security standards while ensuring your embedded analytics and application are always in sync.

Own Your Brand with Custom Styling

Your embedded analytics should look and feel like your brand—not someone else’s. Logi’s flexible themes give you total control to match your application’s design and integrate the latest modern visualizations.

Differentiate with Unique Experiences

Application teams can create completely customized end-user experiences with Logi’s embedded API. Control what customers see, what it looks like, and how they interact with embedded analytics for a unique and differentiated experience.

Create More Complete Application Experiences

Keep users in your application. Allowing users to kick off workflows, use self-service capabilities, and make changes to the database directly from their dashboards creates a more valuable user experience that keeps people coming back.

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