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Embedded Analytics

It’s what we do. It’s all we do.

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“Logi Analytics is the top vendor for Embedded Business Intelligence architecture and features.”

Dresner Embedded BI Market Study

The Embedded Analytics Leader

Logi is the only analytics provider focused exclusively on embedding analytics in commercial and enterprise applications. Over 2,200 application teams trust the Logi platform.

A Roadmap for Long-Term Success

Logi is the leading analytics platform for long-term differentiation and success.

  • Unlike other providers, 100% of Logi’s product innovation is in embedded analytics
  • We support the latest innovations so your application stays modern
  • Deliver cutting-edge features faster than you could on your own

Dedicated Expertise

Logi service and support teams live and breathe embedded analytics. We understand your challenges and know how to solve them.


Scales With Your Business

Unlike other providers, Logi helps you grow without holding you back.

  • Flexible licensing terms match your go-to-market model
  • Easily forecast and manage costs
  • Scale affordably no matter how fast your business grows

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