Real-time data to drive better outcomes

Embedded analytics evolves business intelligence by allowing you to fully customize the user experience with extensive self-service capabilities.

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Empower any user, department, or customer with analytics

Don’t offer dashboards, offer a self-service analytics experience and give everyone value from data through interactive visualizations, robust reporting, and more.


The data you have, when and where you need it

Data loses it’s value when you have to jump out of your workflow to access it. Embedded analytics allows a full curation of the analytics experience so that anyone can make data driven decisions.

Fully customize the experience

No being stuck in a box, the complete ability to white-label while allowing you to create different analytics views per user.

Immediate access to self service

With business intelligence you have to pay additional for self service – not here. You get instant access to all self service capabilities, so your users can drill down as much as they need to.

Works with the data sources you already have

Over 50+ data sources that we connect to out-of-the box. We offer both low-code and robust solutions so you get exactly what you need.

The security you need

When you’re not hopping out of the application for insight, our security layer replicates yours, so that you don’t have to worry about re-authenticating users, they are able to get immediate access to insight.


Logi delivers an out-of-the-box analytics experience