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Does Your Embedded Analytics “Play Nice” with DevOps? [Infographic]

By Michelle Gardner
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Over 85 percent of software companies are currently embedding dashboards, reports, and analytics in their applications. At the same time, an increasing number are also adopting DevOps practices—which combine software development (Dev) and information technology operations (Ops)—to fuel more frequent application deployments.

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The fact is, the ways in which you embed analytics, dashboards, and reports in your software will affect how successful you are over time. If your embedded analytics solution doesn’t work with your tech stack and DevOps practices, it could make deployment and maintenance nearly impossible for your DevOps team.

DevOps-friendly embedded analytics will help you deliver cutting-edge applications with analytics at their core—without adding complexity. It will help you beat the competition and react to changing customer requirements. It will also speed up releases so you can move toward continuous delivery.

Ask yourself this important question: Does your embedded analytics solution “play nice” with DevOps?

The convergence of embedded analytics and DevOps introduces new challenges for application teams. Every time you add or enhance the dashboards and reports in your application, you need to serve three masters: your end users, your development team, and your DevOps team. Forget one and you put the entire project at risk.

Consider these 3 pillars of successful embedded analytics:


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Originally published May 9, 2019; updated on July 29th, 2019

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