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Dresner’s 2018 Embedded BI Market Study: Top 5 Key Findings

By Brian Brinkmann
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This week Dresner Advisory Services published the 2018 Embedded Business Intelligence Wisdom of Crowds report. This annual report examines 21 vendors and provides guidance for application teams that need to modernize their embedded analytics.

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 Here are our top five findings from the 2018 Embedded BI report:

1. Adoption of BI Is Strong

Nearly half of this year’s respondents are currently using embedded analytics. The respondents who plan to adopt embedded BI in the next 12 months is up from 28 percent last year to 35 percent this year.

Our take: We’re happy to see such strong adoption of embedded analytics. According to our 2018 State of Embedded Analytics survey, adoption of embedded analytics tools is even stronger than the Dresner survey shows, up to 59 percent adoption rate. Compared to the adoption rates of standalone BI tools (27 percent, according to our latest survey), embedded BI is clearly the preferred method of delivering analytics to reach the most people.

2. Executives Continue to Drive Embedded BI Initiatives

This year’s report reveals that over 80 percent of executives and nearly 80 percent of Research & Development (R&D) feel embedded BI is either critical or very important. According to Dresner, embedded BI is very much in the mix of strategic initiatives.

Our take: Now is a great time to act to add or enhance the analytics in your application. You can leverage executive enthusiasm to secure the resources you need for your embedded analytics projects.

3. Embedded BI Has Never Been More Important

The importance of embedded BI reached an all-time high this year, after steadily increasing in importance over the past six years. As we noted above, sentiment is strongest among executives and R&D teams.

Our take: At its core, embedded analytics weaves intelligence into the context of applications users already rely on—and ultimately reduces the insight-to-action gap. Applications teams (made up of product managers and developers) embed dashboards, reports, and other analytics capabilities see substantial business benefits. According to the 2018 State of Embedded Analytics Report, respondents say 51 percent of their application’s overall value comes from embedded analytics. What’s more, 96 percent say embedded analytics has helped them increase revenue, and 68 percent say they’re able to charge more for their products because of embedded analytics.

4. Application Teams Prefer Lightweight Integrations

The survey shows a clear preference for lightweight architectures especially commonly used web standards as HTML, web services, and REST. Fortunately embedded analytics vendors are keeping up, with robust support for what organizations and users need.

Our take: Product managers and developers have a lot to manage in their applications. We’re not surprised to see they prefer lightweight integration options from embedded BI providers since it works seamlessly with their applications. Logi’s analytics development platform is built for developers who need analytics that works with their tech stacks. We leverage your application’s existing application infrastructure (including security, data structures, and servers) so you can build and deploy how you want.

5. Dresner Continues to Rank Logi Analytics #1 in Embedded BI

For the fourth year in a row, Dresner ranked Logi Analytics #1 in embedded BI. Logi earned the highest vendor rating for embedded business intelligence.

Our take: We’re proud to be named a leader for the fourth year in a row. It validates our exclusive focus on embedded analytics. Our sophisticated platform supports the most modern embedded analytics capabilities on the market, including security integration, workflow capabilities, write-back, and even predictive analytics with our latest product, Logi Predict.


Click here to download your copy of the 2018 Dresner Advisory Services Embedded Intelligence Market Study.


Originally published November 30, 2018; updated on January 7th, 2019

About the Author

Brian Brinkmann is the VP of Product Management at Logi Analytics. Brian has over 15 years of analytics and BI software experience. Prior to joining Logi Analytics, he held senior product strategy, management, and marketing positions with MicroStrategy, creating BI applications for marquee customers such as Nike and Franklin Templeton. Brian holds a MBA and a MEM from Northwestern University, as well as a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from the University of Dayton.