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Fighting Crime With Software – How NICE Actimize Leverages Logi to Detect Fraud

By Scott Seal
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Not all crime stoppers wear a badge. Criminals also hide in plain view—sometimes inside an organization. Financial institutions in particular must be wary of fraudulent activities and report these issues to law enforcement. Companies like NICE Actimize, a leading provider of enterprise software solutions for fraud prevention, are on the lookout and can help protect financial enterprises against potential crimes.

NICE Actimize leverages Logi Report to help compliance officers and business managers understand patterns and detect crime. Once alerts enter the investigation process, Logi Report helps with workload optimization by allowing managers to easily access on-demand statistics for providing oversight.

The Challenges

Previously, NICE Actimize used a proprietary solution for its reporting and dashboards. But because the tool needed to run continuously in the background to seek out suspicious activity over time, it couldn’t keep up with the demands for complex conglomerations of disparate data.

The company needed a scalable, integrated tool capable of reliably accessing multiple data sources and enabling users to visualize the information easily for faster and better decision-making. They needed a solution that would quickly alert executives to potential criminal activities and would allow customization of reports to ensure financial institutions remain compliant with regulations.

“Our goal has always been to provide the most relevant and timely information to our customers to help them detect and prevent fraudulent and non-compliant activities,” said Ido Ophir, VP of Product Management at NICE Actimize. “To accomplish that, we needed to make it easier for our customers to access, visualize, and analyze that information.”

Since the company didn’t have an alliance with a business intelligence software provider, it wanted to establish a partnership that could provide an embeddable, Web-based reporting tool that integrates into its existing software architecture.

The Solution: Logi Analytics

NICE Actimize looked at several business intelligence and reporting solutions, but chose Logi Report because of its seamless integration, intuitive use, and intelligent flexibility. Powered by the Analytics Intelligence Server engine, the Enterprise Risk Case Manager leverages Logi Report’s advanced visualization capabilities to help identify suspicious activity over time and across multiple transactions, geographies and business entities.

“With Logi Report, we’re providing customers immediate access to richer, more valuable statistical information than ever before, right out of the box,” Ophir said. “Customers can view data in dozens of preconfigured reports or build their own with a few clicks of their mouse.”

With the right security in place, the resulting analytics can be shared over the Web or viewed on mobile devices to allow team members throughout the organization to proactively address potential fraudulent activity and noncompliant behaviors.

The Results

NICE Actimize customers require a heavy-duty, but simple-to-use, business intelligence solution that empowers security analysts and business leaders to uncover and address surreptitious threats—and Logi delivers.

The combination of powerful features in Enterprise Risk Case Manager and the flexible reporting in Logi Report means NICE Actimize customers can instantly produce easy-to-read, interactive reports that help business leaders determine the best course of action for managing business threats and report them in a timely manner to the proper authorities.

Now, key decision-makers have greater visibility into various aspects of the organization that may be susceptible to criminal activity. Additionally, partnering with Logi has saved NICE Actimize hundreds of hours of development time, and its drag-and-drop interface has saved their customers lengthy training time.

“Logi Report has been a key component in providing industry leading anti-money laundering and anti-fraud detection solutions at a great value,” said Ophir. “Cybercrime isn’t going away any time soon, so it’s easy to imagine this partnership continuing to evolve and help keep our customers one step ahead of emerging threats.”

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Originally published September 2, 2020; updated on August 12th, 2021

About the Author

Scott Seal is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Logi Analytics. He has over 25 years of experience in product marketing and management. Prior to Logi he was an independent consultant providing product marketing services to IBM, Lenovo and Cisco.