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From the Logi Archives: Embedded Analytics Infomercial

By Michelle Gardner
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Something about the heat of summer has me feeling nostalgic. Maybe it’s the latest Nintendo throwback or the fact that my Spotify Summer Rewind playlist has been on repeat. In any case, this nostalgia recently had me browsing through the Logi archives—and let me tell you, we have some gems in there.

One of the more fantastically cringeworthy entries is an infomercial we created about five years ago. Watching it feels a little like looking through your old high school yearbook: equal parts “How was that my haircut?!” and “I can’t believe how well I handled senior year.”

In the video, Logi employees mug for the camera and complain about “hours of coding and testing,” “missing the launch deadline,” and “not another custom report!” Watch for yourself:

Easily my favorite part of this infomercial (besides the coordinated head smacks at 0:20) is how little the Logi philosophy has changed since 2012. Today, everyone—from analysts like Gartner and Dresner to countless BI vendors—is talking about embedded analytics. But five years ago, Logi was one of the few companies that was obsessed with embedding BI into applications.

We’re still obsessed with it, maybe more today than ever before. Our style now may be a little more…refined (*ahem*)…but despite massive changes in the analytics market, our dedication to embedded analytics has never faltered. We’ve spent the past 17 years of helping more over 1,800 application teams improve their software with embedded BI. And today, we’re pushing the envelope with the latest analytics capabilities, the leading modern dashboards and reports, and the most developer-friendly advancements in BI security.

As they say in the commercials—”Act now! Operators are standing by.”

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Originally published August 10, 2017

About the Author

Michelle Gardner is the Director of Corporate Marketing & Communications at Logi Analytics. She has over a decade of experience writing and editing content, with a specialty in software and technology.