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The Hidden Landmine of Evaluating Embedded Analytics Solutions

By Alexandra Thrasher
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What separates successful embedded analytics projects from failed ones? It often comes down to the evaluation process.

Every application team evaluates the same basic features: data connections, charts, reports, and dashboards. But most teams fail to consider a hidden landmine of embedded analytics success: the level of commitment a vendor has to your success.

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”Don’t just evaluate the capabilities and features of the embedded analytics product. Evaluate the provider itself,” warns Gartner in their report, 5 Best Practices for Choosing an Embedded Analytics Platform. “You want a provider that you can trust as your partner and that is motivated to ensure your embedded analytics initiative is a success. Your application team and the analytics provider will need to work together to build the required integration, collaborate on future product enhancements, and address any customer support issues that may arise.”

A vendor’s dedication to your success is the most commonly overlooked criterion when evaluating embedded analytics solutions. Look for these signals to gauge a vendor’s willingness to partner with you to get your application into production and keep it there:

As you start the evaluation, the vendor should give your team everything you need to get up and running with the new software, including documentation, training, and support. They should show you they fully understand your business and technical needs.

Look for a vendor who:

  • Has taken the time to understand your business and your requirements.
  • Wants to work with you to help you test the requirements in your environment.
  • Encourages your developers to download the software and use it in your environment.
  • Has a dedicated communications platform (e.g., Slack channel) with you for questions.
  • Gives you access to onboarding training and documentation.

During the evaluation, the vendor should be part of your team—your partner—giving you the right resources and assistance to succeed. Your developers should never work in a vacuum.

Look for a vendor who:

  • Has regular check-ins with you to track progress and provide help.
  • Provides continuous knowledge transfer to your development team, which will speed up development later.
  • Is responsive and helpful when your team has questions.
  • Works collaboratively with your developers.

At the end of the evaluation, you should feel confident that the vendor can meet your technical requirements in your environment, and that they have a knowledgeable team who will be there to help when you have a question.

Look for a vendor who:

  • Offers to introduce you to senior leadership or the customer success team.
  • Has proven out all of your technical sophisticated requirements.
  • Will be there to support you and your developers in the future.

One rushed decision can impact your organization for years. Take the time to put embedded analytics solutions to the test—and verify that your vendor of choice is as committed to your application as you are.

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Originally published January 25, 2019; updated on January 29th, 2019

About the Author

Alexandra Thrasher is a customer content program manager at Logi Analytics, where she partners with application teams to get the most out of the Logi platform. Prior to Logi she was a solutions consultant at LinkedIn.