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Year in Review: 3 Embedded Analytics Trends from 2017

By Michelle Gardner
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This past year was another one for the books in the ever-expanding embedded analytics market. As 2017 winds down, let’s look at how embedded analytics stacked up by examining the three major trends fueling users’ demand for analytics inside the applications they already use.

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Trend #1: Disparate Tools Continue to Harm Efficiency

Most organizations are constantly looking for ways to increase productivity and efficiency. But the time and effort users waste by toggling between multiple tools is often overlooked in the quest to work smarter. Switching between applications is not only time-consuming, it also restricts users’ ability to glean business insights. Statistics show that many users continue to grapple with this issue, leading to stifled adoption of embedded analytics.

Trend #2: Embedded Analytics Drives User Satisfaction and Adoption

Switching between multiple tools is a hassle, so it’s no surprise that users don’t like being forced to leverage standalone applications to analyze their data. As we’ve seen the toggling problem starting to be eliminated in 2017, users are increasingly likely to use analytics when it’s embedded in their applications. 

Trend #3: Embedded Analytics Is Becoming a “Must-Have”

There is a direct correlation between successful applications and embedded analytics. As a result, IT departments and commercial software providers alike are beginning to realize that the longevity of their applications is tied to their ability to seamlessly integrate analytics.


Next Steps

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Originally published November 9, 2017; updated on November 13th, 2017

About the Author

Michelle Gardner is the Director of Corporate Marketing & Communications at Logi Analytics. She has over a decade of experience writing and editing content, with a specialty in software and technology.