The future of analytics is the experience

Rather than keep your users shackled to an all-or-nothing analytics approach, why not give each individual user the right analytics, data, and insights for them, all within your application.

You can no longer embed analytics into your application, you need to embed an analytics experience.

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The traditional dashboard doesn't fit every end user.

News alert. The dashboard isn’t going anywhere despite all the claims. Dashboards are great for power users who live their lives building and reading dashboards, but not everyone speaks the language of data, and there are countless users who could get immense value from your product by enabling them with insights that are not a dashboard.

Users don't want to drill into data, they want answers fast.

When building an analytics experience you need to understand that most users just want the bottom line: Are sales up or down? Is this social media campaign reaching a large audience or not? Do we have enough coffee to make it through the week?

Instead of setting the table for a whole dashboard just to get one piece of information, they break the desired KPI out into a standalone app or widget.

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It's not just different data needs, but action needs as well.

Optimizing value through analytics is not as simple as showing different KPIs and visuals to different users. An analytics experience has to be versatile enough to suit their unique requirements by effectively embedding, customizing, and integration with the apps they use.

Create a beautiful and highly personalized analytics experience for every user.

Today’s successful software companies are focusing on revealing the true value of their product and bringing clarity to every user by letting data within the platform do the talking.

To improve retention rates, accelerate adoption, and increase customer lifetime value, your job as a product manager is to optimize your analytics into an experience that gives each user the most value.

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Empower users and create a great customer experience.

Reveal the true value of your product and bring clarity to every user by letting the data within your platform do the talking.

A personalized data experience

Accelerate time to value of your data apps with consistent, live metrics and complete control of the user experience.

Generate new revenue streams

Fully customize the analytics experience for your users – so users can drive their own insights.

Build data apps faster

Easily deploy and scale embedded analytics into any application that meets even the strictest of requirements.

Ready to empower users and create a great analytics experience that maximizes product value?