Exago and Logi Analytics join forces to empower software teams with embedded analytics

Today’s applications need analytics to drive growth. Exago has been acquired by Logi, uniting to help product and software teams create analytics experiences that maximize product value.

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Productize your data with embedded analytics

Reveal the true value of your product and bring clarity to every user by letting the data within your platform do the talking.

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A 100% web-based platform with multiple APIs gives you the power to configure and extend the product exactly as you need, now and in the future.

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Cater to every skill level

Create individualized BI experiences for all your users, whether they need easy access to ready-made dashboards, the ability to craft sophisticated formulas, or drag-n-drop data discovery.


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We never hand you off to a third party. A fully staffed support team with the experience from thousands of embedded analytics implementations to aid you in onboarding.

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Ready to empower users and create an analytics experience that maximizes product value?

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