Embedded Analytics

Logi Analytics helps create smarter organizations by embedding analytics in the applications people use every day. We enable you to quickly embed a full range of self-service analytics capabilities to boost user adoption, improve the user experience, and differentiate your product.



Self-Service Analytics

Deliver dashboards and reports, end-user authoring, and visual analytics.


Quickly create and integrate analytics seamlessly into your application.

Custom User Experience

Embed analytics that look and feel like your application.

Flexible Security and Multi-Tenancy

Create once and deploy for all. With Logi, you can create an application just once and deploy it to many customers. Single sign-on integration is supported for any security framework or application, and the Logi SecureKey feature supports server-side passing of credentials from custom applications for embedded use cases. The Logi platform does not store user information, thus simplifying security integration and removing the overhead of continuously synchronizing user profiles. Fine-grained user access rights offer control across every layer of the application − reports, charts, application functions, and data columns and rows. Since multi-tenancy is built in to the Logi platform, Software as a Service providers can easily configure security regardless of whether their customer data is stored in unique databases or in co-mingled data sources.

Complete White-Labeling

Make the application your own. Logi Analytics gives you complete control over the look and feel of the analytic content and capabilities embedded in your application, enabling you to build a consistent user experience while preserving the appearance of your brand. This includes all aspects of the user interface, such as colors and fonts, data visualizations and input controls, and localization for multi-lingual applications. White-labeling capabilities are maintained and extended through the use of custom themes, CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. Best of all, your users don’t ever have to see the Logi Analytics logo.

Application Workflow Integration

Embed analytics “in the moment.” To create a great user experience, it is essential for analytics to be infused as a natural part of your application. Logi helps you embed analytic content and capabilities within the application workflow − and we give you the option to drive these capabilities using the UI controls of the main application. You can also create analytics-driven application functionality with bi-directional data flows – the Logi platform has the ability to call Web Service APIs and write-back to data sources so end users can directly transact with source systems in a managed and secure way. The result is a truly seamless experience that enables users to derive insights quickly and take action immediately.

Extensible Platform

Don’t be shackled by other BI solutions.The open architecture of Logi Info provides developers with unmatched flexibility to extend the functionality of the platform to meet custom requirements. Embedded content can incorporate custom JavaScript (including JQuery) for third-party data visualizations and controls to meet specific needs of your use case or industry. The platform also supports a plug-in model that extends its capabilities to execute business logic, implement proprietary algorithms, or comply with desired data handling procedures. In addition, database write-backs and backend processes can be configured for end users to directly update source systems in a managed and secure way.

Lightweight Web Architecture

Easily deploy and scale implementations.The Logi platform is designed for easy web deployment on .NET and Java application platforms. Applications can be deployed to any major infrastructure, whether on premise with your end users, hosted at your data center, or in a cloud-based infrastructure such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure. Unlike traditional business intelligence systems that require proprietary servers or a heavy metadata layer with ETL processing, Logi reduces both the cost and time to deliver value to end users. In addition, the lightweight web architecture enables organizations to utilize widely known techniques to deploy and scale implementations, minimizing costs and investment in proprietary technologies.

Experience & Expertise

Successfully complete your embedded analytics initiative.At Logi, we live and breathe embedded analytics. The majority of our 1,600 customers utilize our platform to embed analytics inside their existing applications or portals. This includes more than 600 commercial software and SaaS providers who maintain the highest standards and requirements for the third-party products they choose to embed and white-label as their own offerings. To help you achieve success, we offer a complete range of technical advisory services, including training, professional services, and support.

Make your application an analytic application.


“We needed a highly embeddable solution, and Logi Info was really the perfect fit. I haven’t seen anyone come close to offering what Logi does for people in the OEM space.”

Andrew Brodie, CEO, SSB Consulting