Leave the Analytics to Us

Your customers want analytics, but do you have the expertise to deliver that value?

With a decade of experience helping hundreds of software and SaaS providers embed analytics, Logi is the #1 OEM Partner in the business intelligence space.

So you can continue to focus on what you do best, and leave the analytics to us.



Create Faster

Evolve faster with our agile, web-based design and pre-built elements.

Embed Deeper

Embed self service deeper than data discovery tools without sacrificing your brand.

Partner for Success

Is now too soon?  We structure your evaluation, offer best-fit licensing, and help you go to market.

Rapid Development Environment

Rapidly create, iterate and deploy applications. Logi Info’s unique “Elemental Design” approach enables fast time to market, agile development and iteration cycles, and low impact on development resources through the configuration of pre-built application elements. The platform provides a rich set of out-of-the-box capabilities, including a continually updated library of hundreds of elements for data visualizations, dashboards, and reports; self-service analysis; interactivity options; user input controls; data source connectors; and processes. Designed for easy web deployment on .NET and Java applications, Logi can be deployed to any major infrastructure, whether on premise with your end users, hosted at your data center, or in a cloud-based infrastructure such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure.

Complete White-Labeling

It’s your application, not ours. We believe everything in your application should be consistent with your brand look, feel, and user experience. Logi designed a platform that gives you complete control over the look and feel of the analytic content and capabilities embedded in your application, enabling you to build a consistent user experience while preserving the appearance of your brand. This includes all aspects of the user interface, such as colors and fonts, data visualizations and input controls, and localization for multi-lingual applications. White-labeling capabilities are maintained and extended through the use of custom themes, CSS, Javascript, and HTML. Best of all, your users don’t ever have to see the Logi Analytics logo.

Pervasive Self-Service

Make self-service analytics available anywhere. Logi applications are built for the web, making them immediately accessible wherever users are – on any device and any operating system. Analytic content and capabilities are easily embedded into any application or portal, so users can benefit from self-service analytics within the context of their own work. Create a smarter organization by delivering analytics everywhere.

Flexible Security

Simplify security integration. With Logi, you can create an application just once and deploy it to many customers. Single sign-on integration is supported for any security framework or application, and Logi SecureKey supports server-side passing of credentials from custom applications for embedded use cases. The Logi platform does not store user information, simplifying security integration and removing the overhead of continuously synchronizing user profiles. Fine-grained user access rights offer control across every layer of the application − reports, charts, application functions, and data columns and rows. Since multi-tenancy is built into the Logi platform, Software as a Service providers can easily configure security if their customer data is stored in unique databases or in co-mingled data sources..

Application Workflow Integration

Embed analytics “in the moment.” To create a great user experience, it is essential for analytics to be infused as a natural part of your application. Logi helps you embed analytic content and capabilities within the application workflow − and we give you the option to drive these capabilities using the UI controls of the main application. You can also create analytics-driven application functionality with bi-directional data flows – the Logi platform has the ability to call Web Service APIs and write-back to data sources so end users can directly transact with source systems in a managed and secure way. The result is a truly seamless experience that enables users to derive insights quickly and take action immediately.

Extensible Platform

Don’t be shackled by other BI solutions. The open architecture of Logi Info provides developers with unmatched flexibility to extend the functionality of the platform to meet custom requirements. Embedded content can incorporate custom JavaScript (including JQuery) for third-party data visualizations and controls to meet specific needs of your use case or industry. The platform also supports a plug-in model that extends its capabilities to execute business logic, implement proprietary algorithms, or comply with desired data handling procedures. In addition, database write-backs and backend processes can be configured for end users to directly update source systems in a managed and secure way.


We live and breathe embedded analytics.

Logi’s OEM practice has been recognized by Gartner as a leader in the business. More than 700 commercial software and SaaS providers who maintain the highest standards and requirements for the third-party products they choose to embed and white-label as their own offerings. These companies choose Logi because we have a process that ensures success from prospect to contract through go-to-market. To help you achieve success, we have developed a complete range of technical advisory services, including training, professional services, and ongoing support.

Know that Logi has the right product for you.

We believe a true evaluation includes implementing and embedding software on your terms, in your chosen environment, and using your data. To support your evaluation process, a Logi Solutions Engineer coordinates with your technical team to ensure technical fit proof points are fully addressed; technical resources are optimally utilized; and teams transfer the appropriate knowledge. A successful partnership starts today, not when the contract is signed.

Tailor licensing terms for your business.

Logi understands that choosing an OEM partner is more than simply picking the technology. That’s why we tailor our licensing terms to each individual OEM. This allows us to align ourselves with how you deliver value to your end customers. We work with you to create a licensing model customized not only for your business today, but also for how you expect it to grow over time. In addition, we ensure that there is plenty of margin for you to monetize on your new analytics offering.

We’re here to help.

We are fiercely committed to ensuring customer satisfaction and success. With our help, Logi’s OEM clients have implemented some of the most sophisticated embedded analytics in the industry. Every Logi customer is assigned a dedicated Technical Account Manager and is further supported by a team of US-based training experts, trained technical engineers, solutions consultants, Support Desk assistants, and architects. From onboarding to deployment and beyond, our professional services team proactively works with you to deliver successful projects on a timeline that matters.

Ready to get going?