What is Logi Info?

Logi Info is a business analytics platform for rapidly creating analytic applications, deploying scalable dashboards and reports, delivering managed self-service analytics to business users, and embedding analytics into applications used everyday – all for a fraction of the cost of other solutions. 

Unlike traditional Business Intelligence software that is complex, time-consuming, and costly, Logi Analytics’ agile technology empowers organizations to rapidly develop, refine, and adapt even the most sophisticated BI applications that serve any number of users on any platform, all without extensive development or professional services.

What is Logi Info Studio?

Logi Info Studio is a stand-alone Windows application that provides a comprehensive development environment for creating Logi Info applications.

How is the software priced?

Logi Info offers a variety of licenses tailored to support your organization’s needs. Reach out to Logi sales team at [email protected] to discuss the best option for you.

What types of data sources does Logi Info connect to?

Logi Info can connect to any data source, without the need to build complex data models or ETL. Connectivity is provided by native connectors optimized for the data source, as well as generic connectors such as ODBC, JDBC, OLEDB, and Web Services. Sources include databases, such as SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, DB2 and others; big data, such as HP Vertica, HPCC, 1010Data, Amazon Redshift, MongoDB, and Hadoop implementations including Cloudera and Hortonworks; Web services and cloud applications, such as; flat files, such as Excel and CSV; and many others. With Logi Info you can easily display insights from all of your company’s data across multiple applications and databases.

Can the dashboards and reports represent live data?

Yes, Logi Info presents reports, dashboards, and self-service analysis by connecting directly to data sources. Note that in situations where data from transactional systems and application sources need to be optimized for performance, Logi DataHub can be used in conjunction with Logi Info to acquire data from diverse sources on a scheduled basis, cache data for high-performance, and blend and prepare data for analysis.

Does Logi Info offer multicultural/multilingual support?

Yes, Logi Info has a variety of mechanisms to personalize the user experience based on preferences of the end user. In addition, Logi Info supports all character sets and locales.

What browsers does Logi Info support? Does it require Flash or other installed software components?

Logi Info supports standard browsers including IE, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. Web-based output is based on open standards: HTML/5, JavaScript, CSS. Installed software components like Flash are never required.

How long will it take for our organization to build and deploy a solution with Logi?

Among the main reasons customers choose Logi are the ease and speed of development and the low total cost of ownership of our software. Reports and dashboards that previously would have taken weeks and months to build and test can now be completed in a much shorter period – without relying on deep development expertise. Our sales team is happy to discuss your needs and suggest a timeline based on your project requirements.

Where can I go to get more information regarding support for Logi Info?

All the resources you need including documentation, sample applications, and forums can be found on DevNet.

Frequently Asked Questions

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