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Logi Report delivers robust embedded reporting

Built for precision, performance and scale

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Cutting edge embedded reporting

Create embedded reports with precisely positioned objects in.any layout imaginable and can scale effortlessly. Easily build custom reports for seamless embedding without any coding, while achieving secure high performance and efficient distribution.

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Embed highly detailed operational reports

Developers can embed pixel perfect banded reports, with nested tables and visualizations, logically formatted with smart pagination. This can be achieved easily in a no code environment at scale with secure high performance and efficient distribution.


High performance at scale

Large-scale, dynamic report distribution delivers high performance and multi-tenant security. Create, export and burst reports thousands of pages long in a matter of seconds.

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Customers benefit from embedded reporting...

Logi can modernize your embedded reporting, across industries, we can replace home grown reporting applications, improve upon outdated offerings, and provide the latest features your customers demand.


The features you expect, done better.

  • Pixel perfect

    Design any layout with pixel perfect accuracy

  • Banded Reports

    Repeating sections - called bands - provide structure for detailed and aggregated data

  • Smart pagination

    Breaks content across pages, horizontally and vertically, for exporting to PDF or print

  • No code design environment

    Build reports for seamless embedding into your application

  • High Performance

    In a matter of seconds, format and securely distribute reports with thousands of pages

  • Scalability

    Scale from a single-CPU to multi-CPU clustered server environments to handle any workload