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Embed Operational Reporting

JReport lets you design, embed, and scale sophisticated operational reports. Get precise layout control and easy distribution to thousands of users.

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"JReport is a lightweight, intuitive alternative to other complex reporting solutions.”

Mukesh Marodia, Director of Product Management, Informatica

Pixel-Perfect Formatting

Design any layout with pixel-level accuracy.

  • Precisely place visualizations, tables, lines, images, and more using object properties
  • Empower users to interact with data by drilling, filtering, sorting, pivoting, and more
  • Export even the most complex reports to PDF

Banded Layouts

Repeating sections—called bands—provide structure for both aggregated and detailed data.

  • Create as many bands, nested bands, and repeated sections as you need
  • Determine exact positions of headers, footers, aggregations, detailed data, images, sub-reports, and more
  • Quickly lay out objects using the report template designer
  • Export reports in formats like PDF and Excel

Smart Pagination

Break content across pages to meet meticulous layout requirements for PDF and print.

  • Control pagination logic with conditions or formulas, which can be based on actual data or report variables
  • Insert page breaks between a chart and table, or between table groups
  • JReport's simplified design view omits unwieldy data so you can design without distractions
  • Decide when related information should go on the same page and when to start a new page
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Built for Scale and Security

JReport supports reliable, multi-tenant deployments and scales to thousands of users.

  • Leverage your existing security model and standard SSO systems
  • Clustering allows you to scale from a single CPU to clusters of servers
  • Multi-tenant architecture gives every tenant control over storage, networking, security, and other resources
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Report Scheduling and Distribution

Schedule and securely send reports to thousands of users in a variety of formats.

  • Export reports in PDF, HTML, Excel, CSV, and other formats
  • Schedule your reports to run on daily, weekly, monthly, or custom schedules
  • Improve performance by bursting reports from a single report run
  • Automatically apply security so reports are personalized for each user
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Customization and White Labeling

Match operational reports to your brand for seamless embedding into your application.

  • Fully customizable CSS lets you control the look, feel, and UI elements of JReport
  • National Language Support (NLS) supports international reporting needs
  • APIs let developers customize user behaviors and business logic

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JReport offers solutions for companies of all sizes and growth plans.