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Introducing Logi Composer

Designed specifically for software teams, Logi Composer delivers the first out-of-the-box development experience for embedded analytics.

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Effortless data and visual authoring with customized embedding

Embedded self-service with granular control over users, data and features

Powerful z-Engine and Smart Data Connectors for unmatched connectivity and query performance

Cloud-ready microservices architecture deployed on your existing tech stack

Preparing Data has Never Been Easier

Connect to your data with a data authoring workflow that streamlines connectivity, preparation and enrichment.

  • Connect to modern & traditional data stores including:
    • Cloud data warehouses 
    • Hadoop 
    • NoSQL document store 
    • Streaming
    • Search engines and multi-source
  • Enrich data with custom metrics, filters, sorts, new data columns & labels.
  • No need for heavy data modeling or coding.

Rapidly Build Embedded Analytics for Your Application

Create, customize, and embed data visualizations with complete control over the user experience.

  • Easy to use visual authoring workflow; create without coding.
  • Custom themes & extensibility allows you to create a persistent look & feel in your application.

Build reusable visuals to reduce the overall lift.

An Exceptional Self-Service Experience

Embedded self-service can be tailored and configured to match the skill level of your end users, while enabling them to modify and share their own visualizations.

  • While others take a one size fits all approach, we empower your application teams to embed & customize end-user self-service.
  • Granular controls allow you to define levels of self-service & dashboard interactivity at the feature level.
  • Precise controls over user data access & governance ensure a secure discovery experience.

Data DVR enables your end-users to explore & interact with embedded content, including play, rewind, pause & fast forward of raw data or charts.

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Modern Data Connectivity & Superior Query Performance

z-Engine and Smart Data Connectors unlock modern data connectivity and query performance while continuing to work with your existing tech stack.

  • Explore SaaS scale data sets with speed & scale including relational, NoSQL, multisource & other non-traditional data sources.
  • A broad set of Smart Data Connectors for modern data stores let you access all your data without the need to move or prep it in advance.
  • z-Engine analyzes & optimizes queries pushing processing down to the data store enabling thousands of concurrent user requests.
  • z-Engine’s Fusion technology empowers multi-source analysis, enabling end-users to view and interact data from a single source.

Composer also eliminates the need for redundant technology investments and on-going maintenance efforts because it uses your existing data infrastructure and security framework.

Microservices for Speed and Scale

Cloud-ready microservices architecture provides you with the elastic scale that your CFO loves and your DevOps team respects.

  • Container-ready modern microservices architecture allows you to build, deploy, & automate at cloud speed.
  • Horizontal scale with distributed microservices helps you avoid single points of failure & assures high availability with no proprietary hardware required.
  • Elastic scale lets you optimize computing resources;  scaling up and down resources such as CPU process power & RAM when & where you need it.

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