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Logi Composer

Logi Composer is the fastest, easiest way to embed analytics inside business applications.

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Logi tops all of its peer groups in embedded BI.”


Preparing Your Data for Analytics Has Never Been Easier

Connect to your data in place. Logi Composer’s graphical UI makes it easy to connect to data without coding it all yourself.

  • Connect to relational: SQL Server, PostgresSQL, Oracle, MySQL
  • Connect to big data: Vertica, AWS Redshift, Google BigQuery, Snowflake, Infobright
  • Enrich the data with calculations, filters, sorts, new data columns, custom column names
  • Leverages a microservices architecture for fast and flexible data access
Composer Data Icons

Build Visualizations Quickly

Drag-and-drop interface lets you create interactive, responsive data visualizations and dashboards.

  • Rapidly create visual analytics without coding
  • Connect visuals to create interactive filtering and selecting with just a click
  • Save time by reusing content across new dashboards and reports

Manage Security with Just a Few Clicks

Get the only security designed to embed in your application. Logi uses your existing security framework to enable single sign-on, multi-tenant deployments, and precise control over user access. Unlike other platforms, Logi Composer lets you modify and manage security easily.

Composer Security Timeline

Embed Analytics That Seamlessly Fit in Your Application

Designed for responsive embedding, Logi Composer enables product teams to:

  • Embed dashboards and reports with two lines of JavaScript
  • Embed without inline frame (iFrames)
  • Match the analytics to your brand at global and granular levels using CSS

Deliver a Great Self-Service Experience

No need to leave the application or export data. Logi Composer supports self-service analysis that keeps users in the application. Your end users can easily explore data, create visuals, build dashboards, and securely share insight with colleagues, all on their own.

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Logi Composer is the fastest, easiest way to embed analytics inside business applications