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Developers, meet Logi Info

Highly flexible developer grade embedded analytics platform. Logi makes it easy to embed dashboards, reports, and self-service in your application.

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Developer-grade Embedded Analytics Platform

  • Integrate customized analytics in your application
  • Connect to any data source
  • Leverage your existing technology stack
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Deliver Analytics within the Context of Your Application

With Logi Info you have complete control over the application experience so you can quickly build interactive dashboards for your application. Use a custom-branded UI to match embedded analytics to the rest of your application. Incorporate third-party visualizations and controls, including jQuery. Implement global branding with custom themes, CSS, and JavaScript and extend capabilities and meet unique needs with available plug-ins.


Data Connectivity & Adaptive Security

Connect to any data source, without the need to build complex data models or data integration. With seamless connectivity to relational, Big Data, files and Web services you can show insights from all your data across multiple databases, applications and cloud services. Logi Info’s adaptive security framework enables you to use your existing security model, eliminating the need for extra development effort on on-going maintenance. With support for multi-tenancy, you can create an application once and securely deploy it in the cloud or on-premesis.

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See What Our Customers Say

Over 2,200 mission-critical applications have embedded Logi to deliver sophisticated analytics and power their businesses and drive better decisions.


The features you expect, done better.

  • Secure

    Adaptive security, designed to embed in your application

  • Flexible

    Logi works with the data your have, wherever you have it

  • Customizable

    You have control over the application’s look, feel and functionality

  • Scalable

    Scales with your server infrastructure and supports on-premises, cloud, or hybrid deployments

  • Portable

    No need to leave the application or export data for further analysis