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5 Key Logi Info Enhancements Available in 12.2

By Brian Brinkmann
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It’s been a busy few months here at Logi Analytics. We held our #Logi16 user conference this October, and recently released some new Logi Info features in the latest version of our embedded analytics platform – version 12.2.

Logi Info 12.2 introduces new embedded analytics capabilities essential for creating applications that deliver analytics in context and can differentiate you from the competition. The new Logi Info features include self-service analysis that can be embedded into any application and shared authoring that allows everyone to participate in creating and improving the application.

Just like we’ve been working on our latest product release, we’re sure you have too. So if you missed our latest update, here are five new Logi Info features that are making a big impact with our customers:

1. Global- and Panel-level Dashboard data filtering. Set a global filter for the entire dashboard, or set a filter in one panel and it will affect related data in other panels, or click a chart in one panel and filter other panels. All driven by a new universal filtering UI that’s consistent across many elements.

2. Improved Analysis Grid charts, including multi-series charts with an extra axes, combination charts that display two metrics as different chart types (e.g. column chart and line chart), and new forecast Trend Lines with a choice of linear regression or Lowess algorithm.

3. New improvements to the InfoGO application, such as distributed authoring of shared materials, custom menus, custom “landing” or Home page, and the ability to directly edit data visualizations that appear in dashboard panels.

4. Everyone’s favorite reusable elements, Shared Elements, are now augmented with the ability to pass parameters to them, making them truly dynamic, and the ability to pass entire elements into a Shared Element.


“We’re moving our release timing to include 12.2!” – Logi Customer


5. Great new visualizations, including a Heatmap-style Calendar Chart for visualizing time-series data, a Bullet Gauge with customizable zones and targets, and a Dial Gauge with customizable zones, targets, and range colors. Also Dense Charts that can display entire datasets regardless of the number of data points by intelligently sampling and grouping the underlying data.

These and other new Logi Info features and enhancements are available in the latest release of Logi Info. You can see all of the new features in our What’s New document. You can also view the detailed Release Notes for more information.


Originally published December 14, 2016; updated on June 15th, 2018

About the Author

Brian Brinkmann is the VP of Product Management at Logi Analytics. Brian has over 15 years of analytics and BI software experience. Prior to joining Logi Analytics, he held senior product strategy, management, and marketing positions with MicroStrategy, creating BI applications for marquee customers such as Nike and Franklin Templeton. Brian holds a MBA and a MEM from Northwestern University, as well as a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from the University of Dayton.