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5 New Logi Analytics Features to Enhance Self-Service and Developer Productivity

By Lee Hausman
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It’s a new year, which makes it the perfect time to highlight the newest innovations in the Logi Analytics platform. The latest Logi version 12.6 is now available—and it’s full of new features for self-service functionality and process task capabilities. Logi 12.6 also delivers significant improvements for developer productivity.

Here are five new Logi Analytics features that are making a big impact with our customers:

1. Expanded Conditional Task Processing
New elements give users a wider range of conditional processing constructs in your Process task definitions. New Procedure elements for Else, Switch, Switch Case, and Switch Else give you complete flexibility in directing processing flow.

2. Run Shell Command
The new Procedure.Run Shell Command element lets users run OS shell commands or applications from a task, and handle the output. It’s supported by new tokens for output, exit code, and error messages, which allow you to handle the results. Now Logi applications can execute batch command files, external applications, and file management commands right from users’ Logi tasks.

3. New Self-Service Analysis Functionality
The Logi Analysis Grid now includes aggregate-aware calculations that allow users to select the order of mathematical operations when aggregating already aggregated and grouped data. Other enhancements include a new percent-of-total format, conditional table cell colors, and numerous usability improvements that reduce the number of clicks to achieve results.

4. Faster Development Features
The HTML Tag element now supports Conditional Class and Event Handler child elements. The conditional class element allows users to define conditional formatting on their custom HTML elements. And the event handler element lets users define events on their custom HTML elements.

5. Debugging and Usability Enhancements
Logi Studio has numerous improvements for developers, including debugging and usability. For example, users can now selectively assign access to debugging using a Security Right ID that keeps developersin debug mode even when the global debug setting is set to no debugger link. In addition, the Element Toolbox now includes a search input so that you can find the right element quickly.

These and other enhancements are available in the latest release of Logi. For more information see the Logi 12.6 Release Notes.

Ready to upgrade to the latest Logi Analytics Platform? Current customers can contact Logi Customer Support and new customers can reach out to Logi’s sales team for more information.


Originally published January 8, 2019

About the Author

Lee Hausman created and maintains the Logi Analytics Developer Network (DevNet), which features documentation, discussion forums, samples, training materials, and other resources for users of Logi applications.