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A New Era for Analytics: Goodbye LogiXML, Hello Logi Analytics

By Logi Analytics
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We are very excited to announce that today, LogiXML officially became Logi Analytics.

To most people, this change was long overdue. Looking back to 2000 when the company was founded, the name “LogiXML” was based on how our product worked. LOGIC needed to be defined in XML format using our product’s elements. Then our engine interprets the defined logic and delivers the app in the browser. Advancements in Web architectures and their associated data complexities continue to push our technologies beyond our XML-based roots and into modern, flexible, and extensible paradigms.

The name Logi Analytics, simply put, is more reflective of the company’s business and its growing leadership position in embedded analytics.

The business intelligence and analytics market has changed significantly over the past several years.  End users are now demanding analytic intelligence to be present in the systems they use every day, so they can interact with it in the context of their jobs and put information to work.

Over the last several years, we’ve capitalized on this growing trend of organizations embedding analytics directly into the applications, systems, and processes they use to run their businesses. Our new name directly captures the essence of this mission – putting analytics to work in practical, cost-effective ways.

Please join us in celebrating this important day in our company’s history, and stay tuned for more big news from us in the coming weeks.


Originally published March 18, 2013; updated on June 15th, 2018

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