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Announcing Logi Info v11

By Nat Venkataraman
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Attention all Logi acolytes, denizens of Logi-Land, and others.

We are pleased to announce the launch of the latest version of Logi Analytics’ complete information platform, Logi Info v11. For those not in the know, Logi Info is THE all-in-one, pure-web-application development platform, which enables end users and customers of varying levels of expertise, as well as audiences small and large, to:

  • Consume and monetize data investments via dashboarding, reporting, and analytics
  • View and leverage BI investment via web portals
  • Interact with core operational systems from anywhere via mobile applications
  • Embed data visualizations, interactivity, and processes inside operational applications and workflows
  • Extend existing infrastructure with Web front-ends for operational systems, so that users can act on information, as opposed to just consume information

With the introduction of Logi Info v11, users will be able to take their Web applications to the next level with new forms of visualizations and advanced interactivity, all while maintaining backwards compatibility with whatever browsers organizations or their customers might be using.

New features in Logi Info v11 include:

1. Professional Grade Design: The charting features have been updated to include better defaults and more attributes as well as a number of features that result in very stylistic charts with a strong focus on presenting visualizations to end users in a clean manner with minimum distractions.


2. New Data Visualizations: Info v11 introduces a number of new visual elements, such as easy to read gauges that provide a good-looking, innovative alternative to traditional speedometer type gauges, as well as a variety of sparkline visualizations covering line, area, bar and win-loss representations.


3. Modern Themes: Brand new themes are being introduced in Logi Info v11. The Clarity theme showcases the stylish looks and elegant design concepts introduced in this release, while the Transit theme is a dedicated Windows 8 style look that is geared towards mobile devices.

4. Interactive Analytics: A variety of interactivity features make it easy for end-users to better explore their data and focus on relevant areas of interest. Features like hover highlighting, zoomable charts, lassoing, legend filtering and multi-selection ensure that there is always a right type of interactivity regardless of the type of data being looked at.


5. Advanced Embeddability: Info v11 provides easy and agile methods for embedding Logi report components into non-Logi application Web pages. This includes the ability to embed both static and dynamic reports, as well as the ability to access embedded reports in different domains.

6. Large Scale Data Analysis: Info v11 introduces a new ActiveSQL datalayer substantially increases the scale of data being analyzed in Analysis Grid. Initially designed to work with Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL, this datalayer operates by leveraging the underlying database for performing computational work. Other performance upgrades include faster condition filter processing and improved refresh element performance.

With Logi Info v11, organizations now have the power to better explore data quickly and easily, all within the context of their own applications, resulting in a seamless, and ultimately, more productive experience.


Originally published January 14, 2013; updated on August 9th, 2017

About the Author

Nat Venkataraman is a Director of Product Management at Logi Analytics. He has over 20 years of experience working for software and business intelligence products.