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Dresner Recognizes Logi as a Leader in Embedded Analytics (Again!)

By Steven Schneider
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The Logi Analytics team is proud to have once again been named a leader by Dresner Advisory Services in the 2017 Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Study. Dresner awarded Logi a “Perfect Recommend Score” in its assessment of 26 BI vendors, which examines user trends, attitudes, and plans for the next three years.

The praise from end users in the Dresner study further establishes Logi as the leading platform for embedded analytics. In addition to Dresner, analyst firm Gartner also recognized Logi for strengths in OEM and embedded business intelligence in Gartner’s 2017 Critical Capabilities for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms.

>> Download Your Copy of the Dresner 2017 Wisdom of Crowds BI Market Study <<

Logi is proud to be leading the BI market by helping companies deliver analytics to end users in the applications where they already spend their time. The result is more valuable applications, tailored to users’ needs, for a more engaging and differentiated experience.

Our development platform offers the best value for application teams who want to create and constantly improve analytically driven applications. Logi’s pre-built Elements enable our customers to quickly build unique intellectual property and meet custom requirements, without having to code. The recognition from Dresner and Gartner is further evidence that Logi empowers our customers to create more valuable applications, engage users, and differentiate their software products.

“Logi provides further value by enabling analytics to be seamlessly embedded,” notes Brian Brinkmann, VP of Products. “Our customers can keep users engaged by providing a full range of self-service capabilities, all delivered in the applications employees use every day.”

In the crowded BI market, software companies looking to embed analytics in their existing applications have a variety of choices—but also plenty of missteps to avoid. The 2017 Wisdom of Crowds BI Market Study also includes a buyers’ guide to help companies make sense of the analytics market.

Download the full 2017 Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Study from Dresner Advisory Services.


Originally published June 21, 2017; updated on August 9th, 2017

About the Author

Steven Schneider is the CEO of Logi Analytics, where he brings more than 15 years of technology leadership experience. Steven has previously served as both Chief Operating Officer and Chief Product Officer at Logi, where he led the sales, product, engineering, marketing, and customer success teams. Prior to Logi, he was a founding partner of OnDemandIQ, a Hosted Business Intelligence solution, and a practice manager at leading web technology company Proxicom. Steven holds a BS in Computer Science from Virginia Tech and an MBA from the University of Southern California.