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Holiday Traditions

By Logi Analytics
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The holiday season is upon us. No matter which holiday you celebrate this time of year, you can’t deny that the spirit of the season is intoxicating! To get in the holiday spirit, we’ve pulled together some fun facts and stats about Christmas to share with you all.

It’s no secret that here in the U.S. the Christmas season brings Nativity scenes, school plays and lot of treats, but what does the scene look like around the world?

  • In India, they often use banana, pear, or mango plants to decorate, as they can’t grow evergreen trees in their climate.
  • Much like the United States, in Japan they have a traditional meal, but not one you’d expect. Due to a 1976 marketing campaign turned custom, KFC has become the go-to Christmas meal destination, requiring you to make reservations weeks in advance to get your Christmas meal.
  • In countries like Germany and Austria, it’s common to see a devil-like figure called “Krampus” on the eve of St. Nicholas Day. Krampus, depicted as a devil-like creature, carries chains and switches and carts off bad children who have not behaved – so they really do need to “watch out!”
  • In Ukraine, many decorate their trees with spider ornaments or spider webs, coming from the belief that it’s good luck to find a spider on Christmas morning.
  • In Norway, many families hide their brooms after Christmas Eve dinner to keep witches and other creatures from stealing them to terrorize the town.
  • In some Scandinavian cities it’s common to build a Yule Goat – a giant goat figure covered in straw.

Children from the around the world will be going to sleep while visions of sugar plums dance in their heads this season. Much like Thanksgiving, the holiday season is a wonderful excuse to spend time with friends and family. So take a sip of your hot chocolate, play some traditional holiday songs, and snuggle up by the fire this holiday season.

No matter what you’re celebrating this year, the team here at Logi wishes you all the best this season!


Originally published December 20, 2013; updated on August 9th, 2017

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