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Why insightsoftware is Good for Logi Analytics and Even Better for You
By Logi Analytics
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One constant in our industry is that it’s always changing. Innovation is a must. The status quo is simply unacceptable.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been in the news for acquisitions. We’ve been working toward two acquisitions for quite some time because we’re confident they’ll propel us as the future leader in embedded analytics. Keep reading to learn why this is good for us, and great for you, our customers.

Logi Analytics joins the insightsoftware family

The biggest announcement is that insightsoftware—a global provider of enterprise software solutions for chief financial officers (CFOs)—has acquired Logi Analytics. The acquisition is fitting because CFOs increasingly rely on data and analytics to drive informed financial and operational decisions, something we specialize in.

insightsoftware CEO Jim Triandiflou crystallized his vision this way: “By pairing Logi Analytics’s robust operational reporting solution with our market-leading financial reporting, we enable our customers to report on every area of their business.”

While we’ve become part of insightsoftware, we’ll remain a separate business unit with all of our product, technical, and customer support teams in place. But more so, we’ll have significant resources from a willing partner to help us accelerate innovation, invest in your success, and empower your software teams. Triandiflou reassuringly agrees, “We’re excited to invest and expand Logi Analytics’s leadership position in embedded analytics.”

Every additional investment in Logi drives our innovation in embedded analytics for you and bolsters the capabilities of our customer success teams.

Izenda joins Logi

Shortly after that announcement, insightsoftware also acquired Izenda who has been a robust competitor of ours for years. Similar to Logi, Izenda helps customers derive insights from data to drive faster, more informed, and more actionable decisions.

Because we have many synergies with Izenda, Izenda will become part of Logi Analytics. Together, we look forward to driving and delivering a unified roadmap. Our combined portfolio of low-code embedded analytics tools is unmatched in enabling software teams to efficiently deliver powerful visualizations, dashboards, and reporting within their applications.

Steadfast commitment to the future

So, as you can see, we’ve experienced a great deal of change over the last few weeks.  What hasn’t changed is our steadfast commitment to you. Our vision, mission, persona, product roadmap, customer success, and go-to-market approaches also remain the same. What will change is the increased level of resources and experience we can invest in improving our overall solution and strategy. As one family united through technology, we look toward the future and the new ways we’ll deliver innovative solutions to help drive your business.

Learn more about insightsoftware’s acquisitions of Logi Analytics and Izenda in our recent press releases.

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Originally published April 20, 2021

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