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Logi Info and Logi Vision Now Available On-Demand with Microsoft Azure

By Logi Analytics
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We’re pleased to announce that both Logi Info and Logi Vision are now certified for deployment on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, enabling both IT and business users to independently provision their own collaborative, self-service analytics environment on-demand.

This follows our recent announcement that Logi Vision is available by the hour in the AWS Marketplace. Cloud-based analytics and dashboards are becoming a popular deployment option, as it enables business users to analyze data and make immediate business decisions, regardless of their location.

Logi’s Azure certification simplifies the installation process, and provides a flexible, self-service model for our customers to gain and share insights across their team:

  • Logi Info – Developers can deploy the Info BI platform in less than 10 minutes, creating cloud-based applications that easily scale when needed.
  • Logi Vision – Business users can deploy Logi Vision to immediately begin discovering data insights. They can also significantly decrease the upfront investment cost with an hourly, pay-as-you-go pricing model.

Within the Marketplace, users have access to pre-configured, certified images for both Logi Info and Logi Vision on Azure. Users can bring their existing Info or Vision licenses and deploy Azure Virtual Machines, or for a small hourly fee, they can spin up Logi Vision immediately.

For more information about Logi Info and Vision, visit the Azure Marketplace.


Originally published May 5, 2015; updated on August 9th, 2017

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