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Logi’s Future: the Next Generation of Leadership

By Brett Jackson
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“Leaders keep their eyes on the horizon, not just the bottom line.”

I keep this quote at my desk as a reminder to not get too caught up in the day-to-day, and focus on the future. A big part of my job is looking beyond the current fiscal year and thinking about what’s best for our company over the long-term. What opportunities should we pursue? How should our vision and strategy evolve to drive further growth? What challenges do we need to address? How can we make sure our team is energized and our customers are successful?

The key to our future is continued strong leadership to drive us forward – not just for this year or next, but for the long haul. With this in mind, I have asked our Chief Operating Officer, Steven Schneider, to succeed me as Chief Executive Officer of Logi Analytics, effective April 28, 2016. Our Company is in a strong position, and we have the opportunity to execute a smooth leadership transition that will not disrupt our forward progress. I am proud to have led our company for the past eight years, and I’m confident that now is the right time to transition to a new CEO. As Steven takes the reins, I look forward to supporting him and advising the company in my new role as Executive Chairman; I will also continue to serve as Chairman of Logi’s Board of Directors.

For me, this was a surprisingly straightforward decision that is right for our company’s future. I can think of no better candidate than Steven to succeed me. Steven‘s strategic skills and operational experience make him the ideal choice to continue building Logi. Steven knows our business, our products, and our markets better than anyone. Over the past eight years, he has held multiple leadership roles in key areas of our organization, including Sales, Marketing, and Product. As our Chief Product Officer, Steven architected a compelling and ambitious product strategy, which is why I believe Gartner positioned Logi as a visionary in the February 2016 Magic Quadrant for BI & Analytics Platforms.

I’m confident that Steven is ready to lead our company, with new ideas and new energy, and I’m personally proud to promote from within and hand the CEO role to someone I respect and trust.

I’ve never been more optimistic about this company – our team, our products, and the incredible market opportunities ahead. Under Steven’s leadership, I know we will continue to innovate and deliver on our vision of creating a smarter world by making analytics accessible to everyone.


Originally published May 3, 2016; updated on August 9th, 2017

About the Author

Brett Jackson has more than 25 years of experience leading high-growth, private equity-backed technology companies. He spent over 7 years as the CEO of Logi Analytics, and currently serves as the Chairman of Logi’s Board.