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Meet Logi 12

By Brian Brinkmann
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We’re pleased to introduce our latest release: Logi 12

In our 2014 State of Self-Service BI Report, we found that 93% of respondents agreed it’s important for business users to access data without the help of IT, yet only 22% of business users can access and use self-service BI tools when they need it.

When we look at how the market has responded, we see many vendors take a one-size-fits all approach, offering tools that are difficult to use, take too long to deliver, and don’t provide information in the context of where people work.  It’s a mentality that “if you build it they will come,” but it passes the burden to IT to pull together a patchwork of solutions to try and cover all their different users.

Logi 12 is different.

We spent over two years researching and developing Logi 12.  With 12, we’re trying to break the barrier to self-service adoption by using our new framework – the Continuum of Self-Service BI.

Through our research we found there are broadly three distinct groups within organizations, all with different analytical needs. Many tools focus on a single, technical end user.  With 12, we’re thinking through how every one, from the least technical consumer to the skilled analyst, is trying to make data-driven decisions.

So what’s under the hood of 12?

Logi DataHub, our new product that simplifies data preparation and ensures high performance for self-service analytics.
With DataHub, customers can rapidly connect, acquire, and blend data from files, applications or databases, whether on-premise or in the cloud; cache it in a high-performance self-tuning repository; and prepare it using DataHub’s smart profiling, joining, and intuitive data enrichment.

Discovery Module, an add-on for Logi Info, offers exploratory visual analysis that can be embedded inside existing applications.
The Discovery Module has an intuitive end user interface, including chart recommendations that help business users quickly understand data and discover insights more quickly

Significant enhancements to both Logi Info and Logi Vision.
Logi Info now includes new interactive visualizations, self-service dashboard authoring, and real-time charts. Logi Vision has an improved data visualization recommendation engine that learns from user activities . New project templates help shortcut data discovery with pre-populated data connections, visualizations, and dashboards that simply require users to connect their data to begin their analysis.

We don’t think we’re alone thinking the new capabilities in Logi 12 will help you tailor analytics for every user in your organization.  When we showed this to John Myers, managing research director of Enterprise Management Associates, he said: “We see a lot of vendors in the BI market focused on one type of user. By addressing every type of user within an organization, Logi is uniquely positioning itself to help organizations not only improve adoption of analytics, but also helping everyone, regardless of their skill set, make data-driven decisions.”

We are very excited for you to experience all that Logi 12 can offer you and your users.  Join us for our introductory webinar on July 29th to learn more about our new capabilities.


Originally published July 21, 2015; updated on June 15th, 2018

About the Author

Brian Brinkmann is the VP of Product Management at Logi Analytics. Brian has over 15 years of analytics and BI software experience. Prior to joining Logi Analytics, he held senior product strategy, management, and marketing positions with MicroStrategy, creating BI applications for marquee customers such as Nike and Franklin Templeton. Brian holds a MBA and a MEM from Northwestern University, as well as a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from the University of Dayton.