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What’s New in Vision 2.0

By David Abramson
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I’m very pleased to announce the latest Logi Vision release – version 2.0.  The newest Logi Vision release brings a series of enhancements that further empower workgroups to quickly analyze and visualize their data from a variety of disparate sources and collaborate to discover insights.

vision 1.5 - templateTemplates to answer business questions faster
 Create custom solutions through pre-made templates that simply require users to connect to the data sources

 Provides out-of-the-box Salesforce templates

vision 1.5 new connectorsSelf-service data acquisition that’s simple enough for business users
 New connectors (Marketo, Hubspot, Eloqua, ODBC) to get to more data

 More intuitive UI to make data prep, blending and enrichment simpler so you’re not reliant on IT

 Improved performance across disparate data sources to get to insights faster

vision 1.5 drag and drop dashboardsEnhanced interactivity to improve analysis speed
 Drag and drop dashboard creation

 Drill down capabilities and interactive parameters to personalize dashboard views

 Improved recommendation engine that learns from users activities

vision 1.5 social collabSocial collaboration to focus attention on the most important insights
 Suggested visuals based on user activity

 Social dashboards that allow consumers to comment, tag and rate




Originally published June 10, 2015; updated on August 9th, 2017

About the Author

David Abramson has more than 10 years-experience in full lifecycle product development and management, from product inception through general availability. He has shepherded multiple analytics and business intelligence products, and has worked with hundreds of customers, both enterprises and ISVs, to support data-driven application implementations.