Growth is about more than features

There are certain companies where growth seems to come easily. These companies grow despite not having the best product or most robust feature set. 

Positioning your company based on features or capabilities as “unique differentiators” is a fool’s errand.

Instead of obsessing over features, software companies that are winning the fight for growth are doing so by creating a customer experience that wows.

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Analytics are the customer experience

There is little barrier to entry to create new products today, which means that new ones are entering the marketplace every day. You have to go above and beyond the features to win, you have to make your users better at their job than they were before. 

This is no small feat, but today’s SaaS companies are doing this through providing data experiences that empower every user to make data-driven decisions.


Create better user experiences

Get access to complete customization and curation of the analytics experience so that every user can derive value from your data.

Generate new revenue streams

Embedded analytics allow you to cross-sell your existing client base, while also providing a key differentiator in new business.

Reduce development cost and time to value

Save 30% in overall development cost, and deliver an analytics experience 4X faster than building on your own.


Logi delivers an out-of-the-box analytics experience