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Logi Analytics is committed to empowering the world’s software teams with the most intuitive, developer grade embedded analytics solutions on the market. With Logi Symphony, you now have unlimited access to all our latest products and innovations for one subscription price.

  • Logi Composer. The first out-of-the-box development experience for embedded analytics
  • Logi Info. Custom Analytics
  • Logi Report. Operational Reporting
  • Logi Predict. Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning

Logi Composer

Designed specifically for software teams, Logi Composer delivers the first out-of-the-box development experience for embedded analytics. It provides:

  • Effortless data and visual authoring with customized embedding
  • Embedded self-service with granular control over users, data and features
  • Unmatched modern data connectivity and query performance
    Cloud-ready microservices architecture
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Logi Info

The only developer grade embedded analytics platform that scales with your server infrastructure and gives you total control of the branded experience. It lets you:

  • Connect to any data source
  • Leverage existing security infrastructure
  • Control the application’s look and feel
  • Keep end users in your application
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Logi Report

Design, embed, and scale sophisticated operational reports with precise layout control and easy distribution to thousands of users.

  • Pixel perfect reports
  • Banded Reports
  • Scalability and performance
  • Automated scheduling
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Logi Symphony

What are you waiting for?

With Logi Symphony, you’ll be able to embed everything from cutting edge data visualizations and self-service analytics to pixel-perfect operational reports and predictive analytics for one subscription price. So while your needs may change. Your budget won’t. It’s just one more way we’re dedicated to your success.

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