Who is Logi Analytics?

Insurance Dashboard

Designed to analyze loss ratios to monitor the efficiency and operations across the organization. Also tracks claims processed and policies sold. 




Discover the latest in embedded analytics and see vendor evaluations in new reports from Gartner, Dresner, and Nucleus.


What are Gartner, Dresner & Nucleus Saying about Embedded Analytics?

Design isn’t just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

- Steve Jobs
Sales Performance Dashboard

Explore a complete view of opportunity information and data distribution using pre-built, interactive dashboards to display the key indicators driving sales performance.


It is a comprehensive library of hundreds of scalable vector graphics icons


What is Font Awesome?

It’s an online tool designed to help you select color schemes…


What is the Definitive Guide to Dashboard Design?

Oil and Gas Dashboard

Explore an integrated view of exploration and production management by reporting on well details and bore data, enabling insight into performance and drilling efficiency.

30 Dashboards to Inspire Your Next Product Release

Dashboard design can be the difference between customers embracing your product or ignoring it altogether.
See 30 real-world dashboard examples to inspire your next project — plus easy design principles you can start adopting right away.


Webinar30 Dashboards to Inspire Your Next Product Release

This guide is designed to answer any and all questions you have about embedded analytics and how it can help your company…


What is the Definitive Guide to Embedded Analytics?

Marketing Lead Gen Dashboard

See how your lead generation campaigns are doing by tracking run rates, actuals vs plans, and expected ROI for each channel.


Absolutely, and over designing is usually the #1 culprit in bad dashboard design. One example is…


Can You Over Design a Dashboard?

Extreme Application Makeover

See stunning before and after dashboard examples, and walk away with actionable next steps to find, use and master the tools needed to makeover your app.


WebinarExtreme Application Makeover

Analytics is never a one-size-fits-all solution. Get a breakdown of…


Do you truly understand your analytics users?

Check if your analytics solution works with it. For instance, Logi Analytics plays nicely with…


Are there any graphics libraries that can help with dashboard design?

The Art of Dashboard Design – 7 Fundamentals to Master

Everyone likes dashboards because they’re easy to read, interact with, and deliver insights into your business. But knowing how to convey the right information quickly and for different types of users can be challenging without the right approach.

See the fundamentals of design as well as tips and tricks from a veteran UI/UX designer on how to transform your data into effective visual masterpieces.


WebinarThe Art of Dashboard Design – 7 Fundamentals to Master

Facility Management Dashboard

See real-time KPIs to track performance of every asset, accurately predict point of asset failure, and save maintenance costs to ensure tracking and availability of property assets, that service level agreements are met, and that overall costs can be reduced.


For centuries, people have depended on visual representations such as charts and maps to understand information more quickly and easily.

- Digital Marketing Magazine

Modernizing an outdated dashboard tends to be one of those constantly pushed-off features. But product teams can follow a…


What are the steps to enhancing embedded dashboards?

Why Embedded Analytics is Adopted 3X More than Standalone Solutions

As dashboards and visualizations became a commodity, application teams have found new ways of using analytics to grow user adoption and keep customers engaged.

Join Logi and Chris Butler for predictions on how the analytics market will evolve over the next few years—and why analytics embedded in applications will dominate.


WebinarWhy Embedded Analytics is Adopted 3X More than Standalone Solutions

Telecom Dashboard

Designed to analyze real-time metrics on customer cellular network performance, this telecom dashboard allows issues to be quickly identified and resolved, reducing the risk of customers churning because of poor experience.


Some argue they take up valuable space and provide limited…


What are Gauges Notorious For?

Design should never say look at me! It should always say look at this!

- David Craib, Owner of Parable Communications

If your embedded dashboards and reports don’t look good, they won’t get used.


Why is engaging dashboard design so important?

“Bringing real-time metrics in a single frame consistent from location to location.”


People ignore design that ignores people.

- Frank Chimero, Designer & Author of The Shape of Design
Readmission Rates Dashboard

See the big picture through reports and visualization of system-wide readmissions metrics, revealing insights into trends and providing detailed benchmarks against HRRP thresholds.


Is it interactive charts and graphs or…..


What defines the "sexiness" factor of dashboards?

One size does-not-fit-all when it comes to using data…


How do YOU use data to make decisions?

The Risks of Separating UI/UX from Your Development Cycle: A Product Manager’s POV

Hosted by Scrum Alliance, This webinar will uncover ways to integrate UX into an Agile environment. Anyone involved in software development projects knows that many parts have to come together to create cohesive products – meeting not only your business needs, but also delighting your end users. Without a unified Agile development lifecycle, it can lead to disjointed solutions and products with an inconsistent look and poor usability.


WebinarThe Risks of Separating UI/UX from Your Development Cycle: A Product Manager’s POV

Sometimes organizations live by this adage but it’s a fallacy…


If You Build It, Will They Come?

Design is not a thing you do. It’s a way of life.

- Alan Fletcher, British Graphic Designer

“Monitoring patient facilities in real-time.”

Beyond the Bar Chart: How to Build Better Visualizations

Displaying data is as much art as it is science. By leveraging visualization libraries and some basic best practices, you can transform standard charts and graphs into modern visualizations.
See a technical demonstration of how to effectively display data and guide your users to new insights.


WebinarBeyond the Bar Chart: How to Build Better Visualizations

Drill down allows you to look at data at different levels while…


What's the difference between drill down & drill through?

It’s a process where “stream of consciousness data” is converted into…


What is Wireframing?

The 4 components of an effective dashboard are…


What are the 4 Components of an Effective Dashboard?

It’s a type of visualization that’s best used for showing…


What's a Sparkline?

Mobile BI Dashboard

Track revenue data by region, ad sales, and channel across an easy to use mobile interface so remote workers can access the data wherever they are.

Self-Service Styling: 4 Ways to Customize Your Application

The ability to deliver white-labeled self-service capabilities to users within an application provides endless possibilities when it comes to authoring reports, dashboards, and visualizations. But how do you deliver on the promise of a great user experience?

Learn how to style Logi’s Self-Service Module with template modifiers, CSS, and JavaScript tools.


WebinarSelf-Service Styling: 4 Ways to Customize Your Application

User experience is the never-ending process of seeing the world from the customers’ perspective & working to improve the quality of their lives.

- Whitney Hess, User Experience Design Coach & Writer

It’s a type of visualization that’s best used to display…


What's a Scatter Chart?

You should use it only when real estate….


When Should You Use Stacked Columns or Bars?

Dashboard Show & Tell: Data Visualizations That Work

Some dashboards inform users with information. Others guide them to insights and inspire them to take action.

Join us as we dissect three of our most stunning dashboards and walk you through every decision—from the KPIs to the visualizations to each design and styling choice.


WebinarDashboard Show & Tell: Data Visualizations That Work

Our opportunity is to learn how to handle the complexity, rather than shy away from it, and realize that the big art of design is to make complicated things simple.

- Tim Parsey, Head of Digital Customer Experience, JPMorgan Chase