Cloud-Ready Microservices Architecture That Gives You Elastic Scale

Build, deploy, and automate your application’s analytics at cloud speed with Logi.

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Your CFO will love you and your DevOps team respect you. With Logi, users can expect:
  • A container-ready modern microservices architecture
  • Distributed microservices that help you avoid single points of failure and assure high availability (with no proprietary hardware required).
  • Elastic scale that lets you optimize compute resources, and scale CPU process power and RAM when and where you need it.

Logi tops all of its peer groups in "embedded BI."

Logi is focused on helping software teams embed cutting-edge analytics that engage end-users and create value. Our customers know it. And so do the experts.

The Possibilities
Are Endless

You’ve invested a lot to get this far. We know. That’s why we’ve designed our products to leverage your infrastructure and work with your data in real-time, wherever it lives.


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