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Embedded Analytics Adoption Reaches Record High, Moves Beyond Standalone Tools

State of Embedded Analytics finds embedded analytics is adopted 3X more than standalone self-service solutions

McLean, Va. – April 11, 2017Logi Analytics, the leader in embedded analytics, today released findings from its fifth annual State of Embedded Analytics Report, revealing a substantial increase in embedded analytics adoption by end users. According to the report, the majority (60 percent) of end users leverage embedded analytics on a regular basis, up from 43 percent in 2016.

“This jump in adoption is even more impressive considering just 21 percent of users leverage standalone self-service analytics tools, an adoption rate that has been decreasing over the past few years,” said Brian Brinkmann, Vice President of Products, Logi Analytics. “As application teams work to improve adoption, engage their end users, and increase ROI, it is clear that embedding analytics is central to their plans.”

Embedded analytics delivers benefits to both users and the application teams that deliver them:

  • 64 percent of application teams report a decrease in ad-hoc requests from users after embedding analytics within their applications.
  • 82 percent of application providers say they saw an increase in time users spend in applications since adding or improving embedded analytics.
  • 98 percent of commercial software providers say embedded analytics contributed to revenue growth.

Josh Martin, report author and Product Marketing Manager at Logi Analytics, notes: “Embedded analytics are being adopted three times more often than standalone self-service tools. Users are clearly rejecting solutions that don’t fit their analytics needs. Analytics that require constant application switching isn’t just a source of frustration, it is a waste of time. Embedding analytics allows users to immediately analyze data, kick off workflows or share findings with colleagues from the applications they already use. This encourages users to spend more time in these applications and places more value on the experiences these applications deliver, improving user retention and decreasing users’ ad-hoc requests.”

“In today’s application-driven world, dashboards alone don’t rise to the challenge of solving people’s real problems,” explains Chris Butler, Senior Product Strategist at Philosophie Group, and The Product Guy’s 2016 Best Product Person. “Before you go blindly building yet another dashboard, consider whether that information is presented in context and can be turned into action towards some purpose or goal. Without that last step, the analysis may as well not exist at all.”

The 2017 State of Embedded Analytics Report surveyed 500 people, including members of product management, product development, software engineering, IT and executives from Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and Software as a Service (SaaS) providers.

Access the report to discover how embedding analytics can increase revenue and enrich user experiences here.


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