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Logi Analytics and MongoDB Partner to Deliver Big Data Analytics

Native connection empowers application developers to build the next generation of information applications

McLean, VA – 12 November 2013  – Logi Analytics, the authority on embedded analytics, today announced its partnership with MongoDB, the leading NoSQL document-oriented database. Together with MongoDB, Logi Analytics customers can now build a new breed of big data driven information applications.

MongoDB has emerged as a leading catalyst for the big data movement. Application developers are increasingly selecting MongoDB as their preferred data storage repository because of its flexible data structure and fast read/write capabilities. Logi Analytics’ new connector to MongoDB empowers application developers to make it easier for organizations to analyze, visualize and distribute that data. With the connector, developers have the ability to specify custom filter expressions, perform aggregations using MongoDB’s pipeline operations, and employ Map/Reduce functions to query the data for interactive analytics, reporting and dashboards.

MongoDB and Logi Analytics: Why the partnership works

  • Time to market – Both Logi Analytics and MongoDB are focused on delivering capabilities to support the needs of application developers. The easy-to-use interface and pre-built elements offered through Logi’s development platform for analytics, Logi Info, combined with MongoDB’s NoSQL database, make it incredibly fast and efficient for developers to create powerful analytics and information applications.
  • Agile and scalable development – Applications built with Logi Info can now connect to their data without the constraints of rigid schema or a metadata layer, and can take advantage of MongoDB’s support for dynamic, flexible schemas. This ability enables developers to constantly evolve and iterate their application development efforts as competitive markets demand.
  • Affordability – Together, Logi Analytics and MongoDB enable organizations to put information to work at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.

“Logi Analytics’ integration with MongoDB continues our long-standing heritage in helping application developers create cutting-edge information applications,” said Kevin Greene, vice president, business development and channels, Logi Analytics. “Together, Logi Analytics and MongoDB enable customers to analyze and visualize big data, access key metrics within familiar applications, and gain a competitive edge.”

“Enabling our customers to analyze and visualize big data within their MongoDB collections is an important objective for us,” said Matt Asay, vice president, business development and corporate strategy, MongoDB. “We are pleased to partner with a leading business analytics company to make it easier for customers to discover new insights and distribute mission-critical information to key decision makers.”

About Logi Analytics
Logi Analytics enables organizations to put information to work by allowing them to create web-based BI and analytic applications that can be integrated directly within the applications, systems, and processes that support their business – all at a fraction of the cost of other solutions. Unlike traditional BI platforms that are complex and costly, Logi Analytics technology allows organizations to rapidly develop, deploy, and adapt applications to serve business users without extensive development or professional services. Logi Analytics is headquartered in McLean, Virginia, with sales and support offices in the UK serving Europe. The company is a privately held, venture-backed firm with investments from GroTech Ventures, LLR Partners, Summit Partners and Updata Partners.