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Logi Analytics Announces Availability of ‘Test Your Corporate IQ’ Online Assessment

Assessment allows organizations to measure synergy between reporting and analysis environments

McLean, Va. – March 4, 2014 – Logi Analytics, the analytics everywhere company, today announced the availability of an online assessment, designed to help organizations evaluate their “corporate information quotient.” Corporate IQ represents an organization’s ability to explore data, distribute compelling insights, and equip everyone with the right information to form a shared understanding that drives business success. Created in conjunction with Wayne Eckerson, founder and principal consultant at Eckerson Group, the online assessment gauges an organization’s ability to integrate and balance the “two worlds of business intelligence” – business reporting and business analysis

The assessment consists of 30 best-practice statements, divided into three categories – business reporting, business analysis and BI synergy.

  • Business Reporting:Known as “top-down BI,” the business reporting environment delivers reports and dashboards to casual users via a data warehouse and BI tools. Here, a corporate BI team gathers user requirements in advance and bakes them into a series of interlocking data models inside a data warehouse and BI platform. In other words, the business reporting environment delivers answers to predefined questions using a formally designed data schema.
  • Business Analysis:Known as “bottom-up BI,” the business analysis environment is largely ad hoc and exploratory. It’s the domain of business analysts and data scientists whose job it is to answer business questions as they arise using whatever data and tools are available. In other words, the business analysis environment discovers new insights rather than monitoring existing ones./li>
  • BI Synergy:This environment stitches business reporting and analysis environments together, uniting the two worlds into a seamless whole. The BI synergy environment reconciles opposites: reporting and analysis, standards and speed, enterprise and divisions, and business and IT teams. It revolves around standardized data and flexible architectures, but also specifies a hybrid BI organization that embeds BI skills inside the business.

Guide to “Assessing Your Corporate IQ”

Supporting the launch of the online assessment tool is a guide titled “Assessing Your Corporate IQ,” authored by Eckerson. In the guide, Eckerson outlines the two worlds of BI that support different types of users with various tools and architectures. One world − the business reporting environment − delivers reports and dashboards to casual users via a data warehouse and BI tools. The other world − the business analysis environment − enables business analysts and data scientists to query data in an ad hoc fashion. The guide also outlines how “corporate IQ” is evaluated to help organizations identify the strengths and weaknesses of their business analysis environments. It provides immediate, actionable, role-based recommendations designed to assist in achieving BI synergy.

“To succeed with BI, organizations must bring these two worlds together, using the appropriate tools, architectures, and data and processes to optimize information delivery and insights,” said Eckerson. “The online assessment tool was designed with this goal in mind, and offers recommendations for how organizations can realize the full potential of BI and analytics technologies.”

With the introduction of Logi Vision in January, Logi Analytics offers both a data discovery product and a business information platform, Logi Info. Together, these integrated products enable customers to replace opinions with data-driven decision-making and drive business performance through the strategic deployment of analytics everywhere.

To test your corporate IQ and download a copy of “Assessing Your Corporate IQ,” please visit:

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Logi Analytics enables enterprises to raise their corporate IQ by delivering on the promise of analytics everywhere. By providing both a data discovery solution and a business information platform, Logi Analytics helps its customers address a broad range of use cases, enabling employees from the corner office to the factory floor to be more informed, make better decisions and drive corporate performance. With more than 1,200 customers worldwide, Logi Analytics meets the analytics needs of organizations ranging from small businesses to Global 2000 enterprises. The company is headquartered in McLean, Virginia. The company is a privately held, venture-backed firm with investments from Updata Partners, GroTech Ventures, Summit Partners and LLR Partners. For more information, visit