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Logi Analytics Extends Its Embedded Analytics Leadership with Launch of Logi 12.2

Organizations can now create genius applications by embedding self-service analytics into the applications people use every day

McLean, VA — October 12, 2016 — Logi Analytics, the definitive leader in embedded analytics, today announced Logi Info 12.2, a major product release that helps customers create business applications with analytics at the core. Embedding analytics, including dashboards, visualizations, and self-service, into the fabric of the business applications people use every day transforms them into genius applications. By creating genius apps, users can discover insights faster and make smarter decisions because essential information is in context of the applications on which they already rely.

“In the next 5 years, 90 percent of analytics for business users will be embedded in other core applications,” said Anne Moxie, senior research analyst, Nucleus Research. “Embedding analytics into users’ primary applications provides easy, in-context accessibility so users naturally incorporate analytics into their daily workflow, eliminating the hesitation-to-decision inefficiency. Our research shows employees lose one to two hours per week toggling between applications.”

Analytics are central to every application today; an application without analytics risks extinction because users must leave the app to gain insight. Application owners, including product managers at software companies and IT leaders in enterprises, face the challenge of trying to meet increasingly complex analytic requests from a diverse group of users. Bolting on a data discovery application creates a disjointed user experience that lacks business context and reduces productivity by disrupting workflows. Additionally, as app owners feel the pressure to keep pace and evolve, building analytic capabilities in-house can be very time consuming.

“Our answer is an analytics platform that helps application owners create genius applications that embed information in the context of the applications people use every day,” said Steven Schneider, chief executive office, Logi Analytics. “Logi 12.2 takes embedded analytics to a new level by providing customers with embeddable self-service capabilities that can be tailored to users’ roles and skills. Your users will never need to leave the business applications they work in every day.”

Logi 12.2 includes key enhancements to empower application owners to create genius applications for their users:

Sophisticated embedding that offers compelling analytics that matches the experience and brand of the primary business application. New capabilities include:

  • Embeddable self-service visual analysis so end users can glean their own insights and share them with others
  • Filter controls for dashboards, allowing end users to create filters that apply to individual data visualizations or all data visualizations at once
  • Editing controls so users can modify a visualization directly within a dashboard
  • Publishing and sharing controls to create and configure navigation menus and default home screens

Self-Service Visual Analysis that offers an intuitive and smart data discovery experience to empower all users to discover insights and make data-drive decisions. New capabilities include:

  • Multi-level crosstab tables and charts for detailed data investigation that takes pivot tables to the next level
  • Quick launch visualizer that understands and selects the most relevant data to smartly build visualizations for users
  • Dynamic binning that intelligently groups data to show coherent data segments
  • Dense charting to visualize very large datasets
  • Animated data visualizations to show changes over time
  • Fully touch-enabled and responsive design for mobile devices

Up to 10x faster performance to deliver self-service analytics as the speed of thought. Query engine optimizations are designed to handle complex aggregations and grouping associated with self-service analysis.

“Logi 12.2 re-establishes the new benchmark for embedded analytics,” said Brian Brinkmann, vice president of product management, Logi Analytics. “Logi 12.2 delivers the full range of analytics required to transform any business application into a genius application. And since those analytics are in context, your users will make better decisions and take actions, often without even realizing it.”

About Logi Analytics
Logi helps companies embed analytics into the fabric of their organization and products. With Logi, companies can create genius analytic applications that are purpose-built to users’ unique roles and skills, and delivered in the apps they already rely on – enabling anyone to analyze data when and where they need it.

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