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Logi Analytics Introduces Logi 12.5, a Platform for Developer-Grade Analytics

Making software smarter by embedding analytics into mission-critical applications

McLean, VA — November 16, 2017 — Logi Analytics, the definitive leader in embedded analytics, today announced the launch of Logi 12.5, a developer-grade analytics platform that helps product leaders and their developers deliver smarter mission-critical applications. Logi 12.5 empowers application teams to enhance their applications with analytics that engage end users, improve operations, and drive revenue.

“By embedding analytics into the heart of core, day-to-day operational processes, organizations can turn insights into competitive advantage and close the information-to-action loop,” said Jen Underwood, CEO of Impact Analytix. “Given the high ROI potential that can exceed several thousand percent, embedded analytics is a strategic investment.”

“For application teams, the business case for embedded analytics is compelling,” said Steven Schneider, CEO of Logi Analytics. “Research shows people are three times more likely to use analytics that are embedded in software applications they already use. Over 80 percent of product managers also report users are more engaged with embedded analytics, and spend more time in the application. And these users save two hours of wasted time a week from switching between different applications. Embedding analytics not only differentiates an application, but allows 78 percent of application owners to drive more revenue.”

The Logi 12.5 developer-grade analytics platform is specifically designed to make it easier for product managers and developers to rapidly build, deploy, and maintain engaging, secure, and smarter mission-critical applications. New enhancements include:

Reimagined Self-Service Visual Analytics delivers simple and comprehensive capabilities to increase user engagement and time spent in the application:

  • Significantly improved usability for simpler analysis so end users don’t need to be a business analyst to get their questions answered.
  • Enhanced discovery and exploration capabilities, including drilling into more detailed data from a visualization; faster and simpler multi-level cross-tabbing for detailed analysis; and dynamic date range calculations for sliding date periods (e.g. last 30 days).
  • Advanced filtering that uses drag-and-drop actions to create complex logic but is simple enough for everyone to use.
  • New conditional formatting that provides focus and emphasis on key information in a chart. Thresholds let users assign colors to individual chart data based on metric conditions.

Stunning, Responsive Dashboards empower end users to create professional-looking designs:

  • Freeform, drag-and-drop design creates any layout needed to meet business requirements.
  • Quick access to previously built visuals for faster creation.
  • Associative filtering allows users to dynamically drive visual-to-visual interaction with a single click.
  • New visualizations including arc gauges, combination charts to display two chart types on one visualization (e.g. line and bar chart), and dual axes charts.

New, Significantly Improved Data Access delivers a simpler way to author, manage, and secure dataviews to help teams create and deploy applications faster:

  • New dataviews improve overall performance. When used in conjunction with Logi DataHub, they can improve performance 100 times.
  • Centrally create, update, reuse, secure, and manage dataviews for rapid development. Any dataview modifications automatically propagate to ensure consistency and accuracy.
  • Enhanced security provides more granularity for authorizing data access rights and is faster to implement.

New RESTful APIs offer development teams the option to programmatically configure and modify analytics for faster development:

  • APIs let developers work directly with code, allowing them to work in their preferred Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) so they can be more productive.
  • APIs provide comprehensive access to analytical functionality to satisfy the most sophisticated application requirements.
  • Extend to new data sources, incorporate third-party components, or integrate with other applications.

“Delivering compelling applications with analytics at their core has never been more crucial—or more complicated,” said Brian Brinkmann, VP of Product Management, Logi Analytics. “Leading application owners have to embed more than basic data visualizations. They care about security that works and scales in multi-tenant deployments. They care about APIs that give them the flexibility to handle any analytic or integration need. They care about workflow and branding. Only Logi’s platform is specifically designed to help product leaders and developers build smarter mission-critical applications.”

About Logi Analytics

Logi empowers companies to embed analytics into the fabric of their organizations and products – enabling anyone to analyze data, share insights, and make informed decisions. With Logi, product teams create analytic applications that are purpose-built to users’ unique roles and skills and infused within existing workflows and security models.

More than 1,900 customers worldwide rely on Logi Analytics. The company is headquartered in McLean, Virginia. Learn more at and join the conversation @LogiAnalytics.