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Logistic Specialties Deploys LogiXML to Streamline Operations, Expand Customer Offerings, Increase Profits

Use Case Shows True Power of Embedded Business Intelligence

McLean, VA  (November 15, 2011) – LogiXML, the pioneer of web-based business intelligence (BI) software, today announced that Logistic Specialties, Inc. (LSI), a leading provider of business development consulting and logistical support services, drastically improved its operational efficiencies, built multiple BI applications in record time, and increased its bottom line—all using Logi Info, LogiXML’s flagship BI solution.

LSI serves government agencies and commercial entities by specializing in managing and fulfilling procurement bids and commercial contracts. The success of their business is dependent on their ability to respond quickly to and win RFPs. Prior to working with LogiXML, most of LSI’s inefficiencies were rooted in a manual RFP response system, which included maintaining a huge Microsoft Excel database with years of historical records that was rife with inaccuracies.

Using Logi Info, LSI built a commodities tracking system to support their RFP process with only one database developer. Additionally, LSI used Logi Info to develop a set of business-support tools, including a helpdesk system, research request system, mass mailing tool, purchase request system, analysis data cubes, and time and activity tracking—all in 40 percent less time than with conventional development methods. What’s more, Logi Info’s agility enables LSI to support these systems with a staff half the size of their competitors’.  By improving organizational processes, LSI has been able to win more than 50 percent of contracts that they bid on, and 60 percent of the dollars within their target market.

“We evaluated several vendors, including traditional BI products and supply chain management solutions and found various shortcomings, including pricing models that charged a percentage of our profits, a lack of vital functionality, and required implementation assistance from costly consultants,” said Mark de Amici, CTO, LSI. “We chose Logi Info because it is fast to implement, easy to modify and maintain, flexible enough to enable workflow between multiple teams and systems, and is highly reliable.”

When LSI started the BI procurement process, they initially wanted middleware to talk to multiple databases. Logi Info has evolved beyond that; Logi Info’s database neutrality enabled LSI to link to databases they were previously unable to, gathering information from multiple places and integrating them. As LSI and their data grows, the company now has a solution in place that will allow them to track and scale various operational components of their business, including project management, RFP management, risk management and financial analysis.

“More and more companies are recognizing that they need their BI software to be able to do more and change directions in order to stay competitive,” said Brett Jackson, CEO, LogiXML. “LSI has built impressive BI applications in a remarkably short amount of time using our solutions which have given them an edge in the marketplace. They are an example of what can be accomplished with agile BI software.”

Logi Info is the fastest way for developers and IT to create and deliver BI applications to any desktop or mobile device. Creating sophisticated applications with Logi Info takes only a fraction of the time of required by traditional BI solutions. Logi Info does this by providing a code-free development environment that dramatically reduces the effort and cost of creating and maintaining BI applications.

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