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LogiXML Releases BI Technology to Track and Manage Library E-Resources

New software enables libraries to analyze data on the fastest-growing category of library resources

New Orleans, LA –  (June 23, 2011) – LogiXML, the pioneer of web-based business intelligence software, today unveiled eResource Analytics – a key feature addition to its Logi Insight for Libraries solution – which will track and analyze library e-resource usage with financial data, giving libraries better understanding of and control over e-resource  investments.

“Historically, libraries made e-resource purchasing decisions without clear visibility into usage versus value, sometimes spending upwards of 50 percent of their budgets on e-resources – some of which were rarely used,” said Robert Gerrity, director of library systems of Boston College Libraries, one of the first academic libraries to deploy Logi Insight for Libraries.   “With this new feature, Logi Insight for Libraries has improved budgetary management, increasing efficiency for our librarians and giving us data we need to support our budget requests to our provost.”

LogiXML’s eResources Analytics leverages existing COUNTER and Integrated Library System (ILS) information and delivers it to librarians in customizable reports and charts, helping them better prioritize, select and negotiate purchase of e-resources. Prior to LogiXML’s Insight for Libraries solution, libraries struggled to access valuable data spread out across multiple isolated silos, they fought with manually gathering, processing and distributing summary circulation stats, and they wrestled with developing data-based e-resource procurement strategies.

“eResource Analytics marks the latest evolution in our already successful Insight for Libraries solution,” said Brett Jackson, CEO, LogiXML. “The purpose of this solution is to put power in the hands of individual librarians so that they can better understand what’s going on in their libraries, and as library e-resource adoption and other library data streams continue to grow, the need for agile BI technologies will follow suit.”

Logi Insight for Libraries was created in collaboration with three university partners – Boston College, New York University and Texas Tech. LogiXML is showcasing eResources Analytics at the American Library Association Annual Conference and Exhibit, June 23 – 28 in New Orleans, LA.

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