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LogiXML Releases Innovative New Library Data Reporting Technology for Academic Librarians

McLean, VA (January 4, 2011) – LogiXML, a leading provider of business intelligence and reporting software, today announced that it has released a resource utilization reporting product that is designed to help libraries track and analyze the usage of library resources that universities spend millions of dollars each year to maintain.  The solution, Logi Insight for Libraries, allows librarians to better justify their budget requests based on what is being used by patrons.  Prior to this technology, most libraries have struggled to access valuable operational data which is spread out across multiple isolated data silos.

“There isn’t a single library in the country that isn’t feeling pressure on its budget, and the only way forward is to get access to data that clearly shows which library resources are most valuable to faculty and students,” said Kevin Kidd, the Manager of Libraries for Boston College, which was the first university library to work with LogiXML on this solution.  “We have been thrilled to help guide the evolution of Logi Insight, and we will rely on this system as we write our budget each year.”

Logi Insight was created in collaboration with three university “Charter Partners” – Boston College, Texas Tech and New York University – and other libraries are making plans to deploy it in early 2011.  Logi Insight makes sophisticated data reporting possible for librarians and administrators, specifically enabling libraries to measure patron utilization of library resources, circulation data, e-resources, budget data, as well as other information that is unique to libraries.

“The bottom line is that the libraries recognize the need to understand who is using their resources, and where they should focus their budget,” said Brett Jackson, CEO of LogiXML.  “However, to date, they have lacked an effective way of analyzing utilization data to support decision making.  LogiXML now provides this capability.”

LogiXML will be showcasing the new Logi Insight for Libraries solution at the upcoming American Library Association Midwinter Meeting January 7th-11th in San Diego, California.

About LogiXML
LogiXML was the first to market with next generation, web-based business intelligence software.  LogiXML provides web-based dashboards, user-friendly reports, and on-demand analysis that enables both technical and non-technical users to make better decisions for their organizations.