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Public Utility Harnesses LogiXML Business Intelligence to Build a Common Web Front-End for Its Legacy Systems

Deployment Helps Utility Meet Government Regulations More Easily, Extends Critical Information To More Users

McLean, Virginia – November 5, 2012 – LogiXML, the pioneer of web-based business intelligence (BI), today announced that Truckee-Donner Public Utility District, a publicly owned organization, used LogiXML to build a single Web front-end interface across multiple, disparate systems with the ability to document, review, manage, and report every aspect of facility maintenance and improvement over its lifetime.

Truckee-Donner offers electric and water services in Truckee, California and must comply with regulations that require utilities to produce detailed, accurate information on every aspect of maintenance. Failure to do so can have serious consequences. They needed an affordable solution that could complement existing Business Process Management (BPM) and Geographic Information System (GIS) technologies; they wanted a system that would bring together huge amounts of data from a variety of data sources, provide a single interface for producing intuitive analytics and reports for a wide range of users, and still be adaptable to ever-changing government regulations.

“We found that LogiXML, unlike most BI offerings, is not an application; it’s a platform that lets you make any type of information-driven Web application, so we used it to build a single, unified system that integrates each of our existing technology’s unique capabilities,” said Ian Fitzgerald, geographic information system coordinator, Truckee-Donner PUD. “By doing this, we can offer access to our systems to a wider audience, but still control the access and permissions carefully. So not only were we able to give users a single interface for multiple systems, but we made it ‘foolproof,’ saving on licenses, training, and other expenses, and we streamlined the process for fulfilling regulatory compliance requests.”

LogiXML’s lightweight architecture allowed for seamless embeddability and integration into Truckee-Donner’s applications, and enabled them to develop and deploy the system in only four weeks. Management and configuration of the new system is straightforward. To manage recording the details of inspections, for example, they merged GIS, GPS, and SOA technologies and automated the record creation process. In past setups, inspection data was filtered through database tables, rendering it cryptic and unreadable to untrained users. With LogiXML, Truckee-Donner was able to use the familiar technology of a Web browser to provide an interface to the user that was instantly recognizable and unintimidating.

Using LogiXML, Truckee-Donner was able to connect to four different data sources instantaneously: Oracle, MySQL, Access, and Excel flat files. Running BI, BPM, and GIS engines behind the browser, the mined data is now well-organized and easily decipherable – whether in a graph, table, map, or report. With LogiXML’s browser-based BI approach, a user can traverse data from multiple systems with a few mouse clicks. Starting with an inspection ticket status, they can pull the number of tickets assigned to each user, view tickets assigned to individual users, access the history of each ticket, map its location and, finally, assign an outstanding ticket to a utility crew as a work order. Truckee-Donner also simplified crews’ ability to identify tickets assigned to them, its priority levels, and its location, and they provided vehicle routing abilities to minimize travel time.

Because LogiXML is configurable without the need for software coding, adding a process stage, removing a retired employee, or modifying the information recorded on a work order form takes little time to develop and deploy. The system has also easily transcended a general order inspection program to other business cases within the utility, such as vegetation management, meter replacement, leak identification and repair, and outage damage assessments.

For occasions when Truckee-Donner must provide proof of efforts to maintain a safe electrical system, the company combined one-click data review and analysis of all inspections ever collected within the system, using BPM and GIS for the historical record archiving of individual locations with LogiXML as a front-end reporting tool. The utility can quickly and easily generate a variety of canned and ad-hoc reports. Previously, requests for custom reports required one to two hours each to create. They now require only minutes, saving their developers months of work.

“Organizations such as Truckee-Donner that choose LogiXML quickly discover our technology’s tremendous versatility, and often extend it to solve multiple problems across their business – far beyond their original intent,” said Brett Jackson, CEO, LogiXML.

In 2012, LogiXML was positioned in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Platforms, where it was recognized for its “ability to execute” and “completeness of vision.”

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Founded in 2000, LogiXML provides businesses the fastest and easiest way to deliver business analytics, dashboards, and reports to a broad range of users, as well as to embed them into existing applications – all for a fraction of the cost of other solutions. Unlike traditional Business Intelligence platforms that are complex and costly, LogiXML’s agile technology allows organizations to rapidly develop, deploy, and adapt BI applications that serve any number of users on any platform ─ all without extensive development or professional services. LogiXML is headquartered in McLean, Virginia, with sales and support offices in the UK and Europe. The company is a private, venture-backed firm with investments from GroTech Ventures, Updata Partners, and Summit Partners.