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Yocum Oil Deploys LogiXML BI to Fuel Company Performance

An Agile Implementation of Self-Service Business Intelligence Accelerates IT, Sales Activity

McLean, VA (August 09, 2011) – LogiXML, the pioneer of web-based business intelligence (BI) software, today announced that Yocum Oil, a leading supplier of fuel, gasoline and associated energy services, has deployed LogiXML in order to analyze and streamline the company’s sales, engineering, and executive management performance.

“After reviewing several traditional and open source BI vendors, we chose LogiXML because of its ability to integrate with disparate data sources, its web-based reporting that aggregates our data into one solution, and its ability to give our end users the analytics and information they need when they need it,” said Alfredo Chiclana, network administrator, Yocum Oil. “With LogiXML, we’ve helped eliminate the manual, time-consuming processes of handling data and now have a better understanding of the intelligence within it.”

Yocum Oil provides energy solutions to a wide range of customers, including farmers, government entities, small to large businesses, and homes. In recent years, Yocum Oil expanded their footprint of energy solutions to parts of Wisconsin, Iowa and North Dakota, and enhanced their offerings with the creation of a new additive fuel line, Arsenal, and developed a new fuel testing laboratory called, COMMANDlabs. Prior to deploying LogiXML, Yocum Oil’s IT department was forced to create individual reports from several separate data sources, and end-users would need to manually compare the results. This created a bottleneck in IT and slowed customer service and sales processes.

LogiXML software was able to integrate with Yocum Oil’s diverse, incompatible, and difficult-to-access data sources, conduct quick analyses of the company’s business procedures, and provide non-technical end users with easy-to-use reports that they configured and controlled with little assistance from IT.

“Our sales managers can now view how their sales teams are tracking relative to goals and which customers to reach out to. With the same data, the customer service representatives can quickly respond to questions about accounts while being informed about sales rep activity, and the accounting department can review invoice history to manage cash flow,” said Chiclana.

Additionally, Yocum Oil extended the use of LogiXML’s BI solution to the engineers in the COMMANDlabs. Data that engineers input for testing can be immediately accessed for reporting, giving the engineers and other users the ability to review test results against company standards.

“Yocum Oil is a good example of how an increasing number of business users want BI technology that they can use ‘out of the box’ with no development and minimal IT involvement in order to perform analytics with visual output,” said Brett Jackson, CEO, LogiXML “The Web-based architecture of LogiXML’s products is well-positioned to meet this need and will continue to be a key driver behind our company’s growth.”

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