Create a highly personalized analytics experience for every user.

Never provide a generic customer experience again. Simple, yet robust, Logi’s fully embedded analytics empower your application to drive growth that’s great for business, and personalized for every user.

Analytics has changed

(In a big way)

Finally, a personalized analytics experience that's efficient for your team

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Create an even better customer experience with analytics that works for every user.

Deliver analytics that get adopted. Fully customize the user experience of your dashboards and report. Curate the experience and personalize it to each of your users.

Extensive customization capabilities mean that you can create analytics experience that match your brand, and seamlessly fit in your application’s workflows.

Accelerate time to value with an analytics experience you can build your way.

No more having to task your development team or distract them from innovation in your product. Logi helps your team drive value 4X faster, so you can go to market and impress customers. Whether you need to add analytics to your existing app or build your own analytics app with over 800+ widgets.
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Integrate with your entire tech stack and security solutions

With quick and easy data prep you are able to fully connect multiple data sources and create dashboards and reports quickly and easily. Adaptive security means you don’t have to replicate layers.

Ready to empower users and create a great analytics experience that maximizes product value?